Sunday, September 11, 2005

I Swear I'm About to Wig Out!

If I hear one more person call the Gulf Coast area "The Redneck Riviera", someone's gonna get the shit beat outta them. I don't go out to California and call it "The Homosexual-Drug Addict-Kiddie Porno Store" or Seattle "The Flannel Dirty Human Capital of the World" or Chappaquiddick "The Fat Obnoxious Drunkard Drowning Ground". Geez, dig your head outta your ass, Joe Scarborough or I am going to lose it all upside your eraser-looking noggin'.

And while I'm bitching about that, can anyone tell me why everyone is calling New Orleans "The Big Easy"? There are a couple of references about it on Google, but I have never heard not one single local call it that. They always call New Orleans "The Crescent City". Please tell me it's not because of that damn Dennis Quaid movie. Please.