Monday, September 12, 2005

This Week's Carnivals, Symphonies, and Bonfires

Holy crap, Rush Limbaugh is hosting the Best of Me Symphony at The Owner's Manual. How in the world did Gary pull that off?

This week's Bonfire of the Vanities is up at Part-Time Pundit. Oh damn, it's bad.

The Carnival of the Clueless is up at Rightwing Nuthouse. As usual, the Leftists are well represented. We should start offering money so they can buys clues.

The Carnival of Comedy is up at Either Orr. Go NOW.

The Third Anniversary Edition of the Carnival of the Vanities is up at Silflay Hraka. Drop in for some cake and ice cream.

And finally. It's time for the Carnival of Recipes over at Trub. The sediment of life. Let's get our drink on, it's about beer!