Tuesday, September 13, 2005

An Unwashed Hippie Liar

I posted an e-mail that a friend sent me from Michael Moore the other day and have been swamped by a bunch of Leftist fan mail in the last couple of days about how wonderful this piece of crap (Michael Moore) is, so here is my rebuttal to all of those that are too stupid to check out their HERO.

This information is taken directly from Wikipedia, the Leftist encyclopedia of distortions. Oh, and other sources to actually round out the disinformation.

Michael Moore was born April 23, 1954. His hometown is NOT Flint, Michigan, which is a middle-class, white suburb of Detroit, but Davidson, Michigan where all the higher echelon (silver spoon) employees from General Motors reside. His grandfather, father, uncle, and mother (she was a secretary) were all employed by General Motors. His uncle was one of the founders of the United Automobile Workers labor union and has been involved with the criminal element that is rampant in the UAW. Wonder why GM stock prices are in the toilet now? Yep, it's because of Michael Moore's family. But, his uncle's involvement in the UAW did allow young Mikey's family to basically lay around, eat, grow fat, and never produce one positive thing for the society that he claims to care for so much.

Moore, who is Irish-American, has absolutely no higher education at all. (Dropped out of college at 22) He can obviously read because he sues everyone that ever publishes one cross word about him, even those who agree with him.

Nope, never did Michael Moore serve in any branch of the military, so his argument about President Bush's staff never having served means nothing. Oh, remember, Michael Moore IS an idiot.

In 1986, after bankrupting a paper that he started, The Michigan Voice, he moved on to Mother Jones where he became editor for the most Left-Wing rag ever produced in this country. Oddly enough, he was fired after only five months for refusing to publish an article about the cruelty of the Sandinistas' human rights record in South America because he was an adamant supporter of Communism, because it was contrary to the position of the paper, and because it was TRUE.

He then sued Mother Jones for two million dollars for firing him. He actually received $58,000 in the suit which partially funded his film, Roger and Me, a fictitional account of something that wasn't interesting at all. (Yes, I saw it and it sucked worse than Waiting to Exhale (which surprisingly he didn't make), even though it sucked to epic proportions.)

After Roger, the Far-Left filmmakers realized that they now had a willing, uneducated dupe that would make any film that they ordered him to make and he then made Bowling for Columbine for the gun control nuts. And oddly enough, it wasn't true either, just like his next film.

When Bowling became popular with the other uneducated, mouth-breathing, America haters, the filmmakers knew that he was their man to attempt any movie that legitimate movie makers could not stomach to make. Next came Fahrenheit 9-11.

This last movie won him all kinds of acclaim from people that despise this country. Namely, the French. While there is not ONE FACTUAL thing in this movie, it has been called a documentary.

I do understand that all of y'all that love Michael Moore are complete idiots, but take one second to check out the folks that you back even if they believe the same things that you believe. When the Left popularizes people like Michael Moore, you are doing yourself and your causes a grave disservice. Most thinking individuals look deeper into people to find what they are like and what they have accomplished in the past. You have made a complete idiot a very wealthy man.

Moore currently has three projects in production or in the works. First, a lie-a- mentary about the healthcare system in the United States called Sicko. Another film is a sequel to his 9-11 screed tentatively titled Michael Moore is a Teetotal Moron and Anyone Who Watches This is Too, and thirdly, he is preparing to cash in on the death and destruction of Hurricane Katrina with a project that is yet to receive its title. Therefore I suggest George Bush Hates Everyone That is NOT George Bush Because He's Mean.

He is also a published author which proves that stupid people will buy anything. I must let you know that he doesn't use verbs in any of the books that he has "written". Oh, and they all suck, just like Michael Moore.