Monday, October 10, 2005

This Week's Carnivals, Symphonies, and Bonfires

The blog interviews are underway at basil's blog Basil's Blog. Dammit, when did he hit the shift key on them b's? Anyhoo, you go and ask questions of your blogger friends. The first interview with VW Bug is HERE.

The Best of Me Symphony is up at The Owner's Manual. Scott Adams hosts this week. Yep, it's Dilbert at Gary's.

Now, you go to the Carnival of the Cats at gina's rantings, RIGHT NOW!

I thought that I was pretty sharp, but Laurence Simon proved me wrong. Bonfire at Crap.

And the Carnival of the Vanities is up at The Uncredible Hallq. I am actually proud of my entry.

Not a carnival, symphony, or bonfire, but it is a great interview from a real Son of...the South of a GREAT AMERICAN, Jay from Stop the ACLU!

I just noticed that The Carnival of Satire is up at The Skwib. Damn, I suck.