Saturday, December 03, 2005

The Giant Sucking Sound is Money Leaving Europe

While perusing the news today, I drunkingly stumbled across something that made me laugh out loud. The French are stupid, but the Germans are suicidal. These folks can't cipher as well as Jethro Bodine.

Cups on. You see, Shirley, the Germans had a typical European election that couldn't have been more screwed up had Jimmah Cahta observed. Seems the Germans elected a so-called Conservative to be the Chancellor. They only missed one little detail, the fact that the rest of the government leans towards socialism. Oh, this makes for fun politics, baby.

Now, they have TRIED to form some kind of coalition government. Those enlightened Europeans can surely teach us a thing or eleventy-seven about good government. Let's take a little peek at these wonderful programs and policies that a coalition of morons can produce.

1. Load first cylinder and raise the Value Added Tax. The rich people are the only folks that this hurts. Well, that's not exactly true. Those yachts and luxury cars are not manufactured by rich folks, they are built by the working class. So, when you raise the taxes on these items, you put the little guy out of a job because rich folks won't buy that item. We did this about twelve years ago in the United States to much fanfare, but when they repealed the laws two years later, you never heard it. It crippled the ship building enterprises in the Northeast. The little guy almost stomped a mudhole in his Congressmen.

2. Load second cylinder and increase Domestic Spending by 25 billion euros (29 billion US). There are a few people that think that the Euro is doing better than the dollar. Oh, that's golden, Pony-Boy. Can you figure out where that money originates? See Number 1. Do you think that they will wait to see if the increased taxes will result in more revenue or do you think that they will go right ahead and approve the additional spending? You get one guess.

3. Load third cylinder and restrict Deficit Spending. Oh, man, when the interest rates are low, you should go ahead and pay off that loan. Uh, this is the dumbest part of the agreement. Here's a refresher on Economics 101: Borrow money when rates are low and the market is blistering. Put the money in the market and pay back the loan with the interest. Smart, huh? Well, it's the exact opposite of what the European Union policy mandates.

4. Load fourth cylinder and raise Income Taxes on your best producers. "Enlightened" folks believe that there is a finite amount of wealth. If someone gets rich, it is at the expense of someone who is poor. This makes about as much sense as ordering a steak at Red Lobster. High income earners will be taxed at a rate of 47% of their income. Do you honestly believe that anyone that works hard and only receives half of their income will continue to produce? Atlas Shrugs, baby.

5. Load fifth cylinder and make cutting unemployment your number one goal. Most people believe that to achieve success, you have to work hard, save money, and purchase wisely. There are a few people that cannot or will not attempt these easy steps to financial freedom. These people are well represented in the ideas of Socialism. Even in our country, there are people that honestly think that you have a RIGHT to a job. These people are called MORONS. I no more have an obligation to give you a job than I have an obligation to shave your back-hair. Oh, and there will always be about five percent of the population that is completely unemployable. "Thin the herd" is my motto.

6. Load sixth cylinder and make it cheaper to have unemployment benefits. Hmmmm, does anyone think that if it EASIER for the lazy to get unemployment that you will have a decrease in people filing? Anyone? Well, obviously the Grand Coalition government in Germany does. In a country that averages over ten percent unemployment, you should look to your leaders for a solution, then do the exact opposite of what they propose.

Take the handgun, put it to your temple, Germany. Trust me the outcome is exactly what you chose.