Friday, January 27, 2006

Next Month on Mean Ol' Meany! Blackuary!

Well, you guessed it. The entire month of February will focus on race relations and everything dealing with the plight of the Black community. Remember, we can't talk about race until February. And we will throw in some more Democrat Senator posts. Roger has been chomping at the bit to publish those. We will finish our brief journey through the Bill of Rights and we might even return to the idiotic idea of Rock and Roll Fistfight.

Also, February 1 will be this little blog's one year anniversary. We have published three hundred ninety articles since the spawning and endeavor to produce at least that level of crap in the coming year.

And if you want to show your appreciation for this ridiculous site, send naked pictures of Tyra Banks. Or Beyonce, yea, that's always good......