Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Who Wants to be a Millionaire?

When this blog first started, I used to receive "Get Rich Quick" schemes all the time. I made a point to respond to each and every one hoping to get a response from the scammers. Posted below is an ongoing conversation with one such person. I hope that you find this educational because we are only trying to save lives here.

The First Letter


Dear, (What, do I have no name at all?)


I just read your profile from the site, and I am moved with genuine love to contact you. I will like to get to know you better for a serious relationship.
I am Miss Melissa Amani the only child of late Dr.Francis Amani. My father was assassinated by rebel forces here in Ivory Coast few months ago.

As the only child of my father, before his death he informed me of the sum of Ten million dollars only ($10m), which he deposited in a bank here with my name as next of kin.
There is a gruesome war currently raging in the country, that is why I require your assistance urgently to transfer this funds and relocate to join you for investment.
Please reply through my private email for more detailed discussion: melmani05@yahoo.fr, or call me on the tel. number above.

With every good wish.


My Response

Damn, Melissa, you sound hot. Send me a picture and maybe we can hook up. Holla at your boy.

Two Dogs

She hits me Back

Dear Two Dogs,

Thanks for your mail.

I will be glad to send you my picture.

Kindly oblige me with your telephone numbers for easy communication and more detailed discussion.

With every good wish.


I'm ON!

Well, come on sweet thing, send those photos on. I think that I'm falling in love with you.

Two Dogs

She Thinks I'm Hot, Too!

Two dogs,

You have a funny name.

Whats your real name though?

I promised to send you my pictures, I surely will, I do not go back on my words.

Kindly send me your telephone numbers, we need to talk.



I'm Getting Frustrated

Thanks for the compliment on my name, Meli. Please send me some pictures, because I don't date ugly chicks. I am really looking forward to some pictures.

Two Dogs

Methinks She Wants Some Hot Phone Sex!

I want to see how handsome you are.

Send me yours first. With your telephone number.


I'm All For That!

My darling Meli, please find my picture attached. Send me one of you, you're driving me crazy.

Two Dogs

She Sees That I Am DAMN Hot!


I have received your pic, and I have also attached mine for you.

You are indeed a very handsome man, and I will like us to meet soon with my inheritance successfully transferred through your bank account.

Kindly send me your telephone number, so that we can talk more.



She's Hot Too!

Dammit, you look some kinda fine in that photo. Do you have any more? I personally like blue. How about a swim suit picture so I can see more of you? I am so looking forward to it.

Two Dogs

Just Like All Women


I Try To Defuse The Situation

What did I say? I actually gave you a compliment. I think that you are very pretty and asked for more pictures, how can that be stupid? I am sorry that I like attractive women, but I refuse to change that. Send more pictures, please....

Two Dogs

She Ain't Biting

Two Dogs, or three,

I told you, you can go eat your lemon.

I Try To Save Face

My darling, I know not what made you get mad. All I know is that you contacted me from a dating site and now you want to drop me. Please, let me know what I did to upset you. Oh, and send more pictures.

Two Dogs

I'll keep y'all posted of further developments with me and my betrothed. I'm so in love.