Monday, June 19, 2006

Black Spending Habits Revisited

As most of the readers that have been here from the beginning know, I have a thing about racism and the "plight" of the culture of the minority. I penned an article back in August of last year (2005) responding to a Target Market study that was published in USA Today. Since that time, there is no other search that is even close to driving folks to this site than "Black Spending Habits." Please take the time to go back and read this response of mine and the comments. The fact that people can't see the forest for the trees just drives me up the damn wall. Think dammit, think.

I have read every article on the front page of every search engine where someone has been directed to this site and NEVER have I read any other article that remotely addresses the content of Target Market "research". They simply talk about how to "fix" the Black community. That ain't my damn job, but what the Hell is so wrong with the Black community, anyway? Please tell me. Anyhoo folks, I have debunked the article completely, totally, and with malice.

And today, I receive a comment that brings even more confusion to the situation. Still rather than comment on the article and its glaring wrongness, the commenter continues the debate about one's "blackness" or some other crap like that. To Hell with that. I don't care what color you are, you are a person. If you choose to separate the races or do the race-baiting thing, you are a bigoted moron. Bottom line.

I thoroughly appreciate if someone chooses to study their heritage or research their family tree. That makes sense. But, if you are of the mind that since you are a certain race and have been diminished by being that race, then you need help, baby. Specifically, that is NOT Black Pride but it's Black Shame. Get off your damn pity-pot and do something if you are not happy with what YOU are. And trust the cracker here, you ought to be ashamed.

Listen to me, please. People are completely the same inside barring some psychological problems. Yea, those damn sociopaths don't feel too much, but the rest of us do. And it does not matter what damn color you are. Get a grip. You wanna bitch about stereotyping and other such nonsense, then do something to keep yourself from becoming one of those stereotypes. And please, please think about what the USA Today article is telling you and get pissed enough to never buy one of those rags again.

By the way, thanks for the comment, anonymous, I'm sorry you missed the point of my article and didn't write a letter to the editor of USA Today and ask why they are such racists. Oh, and go back and read your comment and every place you put the word "Black" substitute "human" instead. Play the "Am I a Bigot?" game.