Thursday, June 08, 2006

An Update!

I have been keeping up with the news lately and have found the next target for my ire, Molly Ivins. Geez, do you think she is possibly the most dense human living?

HERE's the article. Oh, where do I begin? There's so much with which to disagree here. I'll just stick with the one topic that floats my boat.

Ivins: Also weighing down the nation with a heavy burden is the estate tax, which the Senate will try to repeal this week. The estate tax applies to around 1 percent of Americans, and I have yet to find any record of its costing anyone a family farm or business. It affects only very, very, very rich people, of whom you are probably not one. And they don't, actually, need another tax break.

Okay, let's explain this in a way that even children can understand. Do you realize that anything that your family owns has already been taxed? Yep, if you buy a piece of property, you have to pay the tax on that piece of property. Same for cars, boats, planes, and even vegetables.

If you purchase seed to plant crops, you pay the tax. If you purchase petrol to power the farm equipment, you pay the tax. It's the same for anything at all that is bought or sold in this country.

Now, why should my kid have to pay tax on a piece of property that I purchased when I leave it to him upon my death? The tax was paid by me. To tax my son for family property is actually double taxation on the property. "Soak the rich."

The "only one percent" comment drives me up the wall. The current limit on the "estate tax" is two million dollars. To some with the intelligence of a bag of hammers, this must sound like a tremendous amount of money. Let me assure you that it is not. If you sat down and studied your assets in a reasonable way, it would be easy to arrive at a figure close to that even if you were only thirty. For someone of retirement age to NOT own two million dollars worth of stuff means that you are completely counting on Social Security to pay for your retirement and you are going to get used to eating Kibbles and Bits. Hey, it tastes like chicken!

Anyhoo, Leftists believe in taking from the producers and giving to those who refuse to produce. Not good policy, folks.

And dammit, Molly, buy a damn clue. When everything that you write for five years is simply about how much you hate, hate, hate Bush, you have a big problem. You are not contributing to society at all.