Monday, June 26, 2006

WMD's in Iraq and Book Sales

There has been much said about former CIA guys flapping their gums about a briefing with Colin Powell regarding weapons of mass destruction. Bean even had a conversation with a fellow LT just last night about this topic.

HERE's what the Hell I'm talking about. Apparently, Tyler Drumheller, a former CIA officer, thinks that this is going to sell some of his books. Methinks that there is more to this story than meets the eye. And just keep in mind that this is from the Wapo.

And just to touch on the subject, every European nation that was involved with the "yellowcake" investigation still believes the story to be true. Remember, Joe Wilson was the only human in existence that thinks there was no attempt to purchase the yellowcake. And he is so dense that refrigerator magnets fly into his head when he is in the kitchen.

Now, I gotta do a little Colin Powell defending even if he is for killing the unborn. If you think for one second that Powell is a traitor or liar, you probably think that Saddam was completely honest about what they were up to in Iraq. In my mind, that makes you seriously unstable. Folks, we're talking about Colin Powell, the LAST Boy Scout.

Anyhoo, if you still think that Iraq was upfront about weapons, why in the name of mortal Hell do you think that they were burying planes in the desert? Do you think that it was to keep them clean?

And if it took us around twelve weeks to find something as large as multiple frigging attack jets, how long do you think that it will take to find vials of chemical and biological weapons?

Personally, I don't think that we will ever truly know exactly what was going on until one of the murdering thugs in Saddam's government actually attempts to release some of those bad things into a crowded subway, but I hope that I'm wrong.