Monday, July 10, 2006

Economics 101: The Two Dogs Way (cont)

Yep, I have been remiss in posting lately, but y'all are getting this for free remember. If you would simply put some major dust in a paper sack and mail it to me, I would post more often, but Hell naw, y'all can't do that.

Anyhoo, there seems to be a small problem (okay, glaringly huge) with the Democrats carping and complaining about the little, bitty tax cuts us weathiest one percent have received from King Bush. The problem is that it is DECREASING the deficit by creating more tax receipts for the Fed. Amazing, huh?

Not for the educated.

You see, when you decrease the amount of income tax and corporate tax that people pay, you free up money to be spent in the economy. Hence, more money for everyone to purchase stuff with and the cycle continues.

Is this a new phenomenon? Only if you consider that it has worked every single time that it has been tried. Oh, and that dastardly John Kennedy did the same thing.