Monday, August 07, 2006

Lanier Article Counterpoint by H.E. Brown II

In the comments from my previous post about Brokaw's hit-piece on our city, a teacher from Lanier has entered the debate. And y'all know that I always appreciate anyone's view if it contains good grammar.

From Mr. H. E. Brown II
I work at Lanier High with the Algebra Project. Two Dogs, you obviously haven't researched your information thoroughly enough. You are the prime example of why right wing and left wing extremists are the real decay of America. Lesson #1, Bill Clinton didn't have a thing to do with the levees in New Orleans. Read Rising Tide, by John Barry. The history of that particular levee system dates all the way back to 1925! Lesson #2, The area surrounding Lanier was not always a poor neighborhood. Before "assimilation" (because integration never occured, otherwise there'd be white students at Lanier) all Blacks, including the well-to-do blacks lived in the same communities with poor blacks. That's good ol' common sense. After assimilation, those blacks who could afford to move into formerly white neighborhoods chose to do so.

And please, could you be a little more creative! Stop using muslims as a scapegoat for terrorist activity. Read Terrorism and 9/11: A Reader. The actual term "terrorism" originated from a European country by the name of France in reference to those who fought against the establishment during the French Revolution. The same ideals which helped "liberate" this country from the British.

It's also despicable to see that you are cowardly enough to slander the names of teachers, students, and community leaders, all the while going by the pseudonym, "Two Dogs." I happen to know Mr. Gordon very well. You have no idea of the positive impact that Mr. Gordon has on everyone he works with, black, white, rich, poor, etc. If only a third of the men in this country were as devoted to Christ and their community as he is, there would be economic and social progress all over America and I wouldn't have to waste 10 minutes of my day reading asinine material that the internet allows.

No, Lanier or the Georgetown area is not perfect. There is still a lot of change to be made. I still get depressed driving back and forth from school to home. But at some point, real men have to decide whether they are going to be a part of the solution or a part of the problem. I agree with your statement that Brokaw did this piece to make "his rich buddies feel better." But, what makes your "blog"-for lack of better term-any different?

And my rebuttal to his comments
Mr. Brown, I certainly appreciate your comments. I wish that I could teach you humor, but it appears to be somewhat far-fetched.

My information happens to be somewhat better than yours. Usually someone that wants to call me out on things will actually e-mail me and discuss those things. And I always respond with my real name if they don't threaten to kill me. That is what civil discourse is about. People with differing opinions working for a common goal.

I would hope that teachers would be appalled that Brokaw did this hit piece on our city and Lanier instead of attacking me. I am nobody.

Oh, and if I would quit receiving death threats from those kissy face Muslims, maybe I could blog with my real name. Religion of Peace, baby.

Point by point on your comments:

The levee system renovation that failed was designed, bid, and constructed during Bill Clinton's Presidency. Unless that was in 1925, you are dreadfully wrong, sir. And you must be able to tell that the comments are completely tongue-in-cheek about that anyway.

And if you would check your opinions regarding whether or not Georgetown has always been poor, you will certainly realize that when a few rich folks move into any poor area, it does not change the fact that the area is still poor. It's a math thing.

About the Muslims, you must admit that the only terrorism that has happened in the last thirty years has been perpetrated by Muslims. I must say that there have been a very few exceptions, but they prove the rule instead of disprove it. Again, it's math.

And, Mr. Brown, you obviously do not know the meaning of slander, because I never did that at all. I am sorry if I upset you by stating my opinion on what these people need to do, but that is the nature of opinions. I hope that you let Mr. Brokaw know what you thought of his idiotic opinions as well. That might have had some impact on things.

I do not know Mr. Gordon at all. His statements are racist. My opinion. I must say that he could be the greatest thing since a pocket on a t-shirt. The statements about what he wanted for his daughter does seem a little tasteless in retrospect, but I've made those mistakes before and will again. And I hope that you are talking about the asinine article that was linked in my post. Because my opinions are mine and you are slandering me right now.

Your final point was a good one and it is my sentiment exactly. There were no real men involved in the making of Brokaw's hit-piece and if the Black community will ever open its obviously collective eyes to what is exactly happening, it will be a good thing.

Oh, why do you DRIVE to school anyway? You do LIVE in the area, right?