Monday, August 07, 2006

There is a G_d!

As usual the "Black Spending Habits" search is sending me all the traffic that I get. And guess what? Finally I have found another person that actually cracked open his brain and read that USA Today article and realized the lies contained in the data.

Although I just accepted Yolanda Young's data at face value, Tim Wise does me one better. He actually read the study that Ms. Young used for her data and reports the total truth of the matter. You, go read THIS, now!

Well, how about that scholarly smackdown? Okay, maybe he's somewhat smarter than I am, maybe he has access to better data than I do, but I bet him a million dollars that I can drink more beer than he can.

And in case you want to revisit Black Spending the Two Dogs Way, HERE it is.

And HERE is Tim's website.