Sunday, August 06, 2006

Uh, It's Racism, Right?

For the past two weeks, I have mulling over the prospect of writing an article about Tom Brokaw's "journalism" regarding the racism involved at Lanier High School in Jackson, Mississippi. Make no mistake, I never watched the program that aired on July 23, because I had already read the transcript and I knew that it was simply another ham-fisted, idiotic, guilt-invoking piece. Journalism? Yea, in the same vein as Maury Povich and Jerry Springer.

Oh, and thanks to Curtis for sending me the link. He's a race-baiter friend of mine that always stirs the bucket. And I fall for it every damn time.

The ARTICLE. I have no intention of reprinting the article, that would be a waste of characters, so go read it and hurry back. I'll wait. (It's MSNBC, so they might take it down at any damn time to make room for more stories about Jessica Simpson's see-through dress, you better hurry.)

Otay, Buckwheat, what you tink?

Well, let's get started. When the article starts with the rehashing of Hurricane Katrina and explains that Jackson received a little damage, it fails to say anything about the same in New Orleans. Folks, remember, NEW ORLEANS DID NOT GET HIT BY KATRINA! It was on the damn good side of the hurricane. The Mississippi and Alabama Gulf Coast got hit by Katrina. Please folks, go back and look for any type of hurricane damage at all in New Orleans. The roof got blown off of the Superdome, but it was a crappy roof. New Orleans experienced whopping eighty mile an hour winds, which is another ordinary day in Altus, Oklahoma at Bean's new home. New Orleans got flooded by a failed levee system that was constructed by the Democrat Government of Bill Clinton. It's Clinton's fault because G_d hates Democrats.

Whoops! Off subject again.

The history of Lanier High School and the Georgetown area is one chock full of the poverty-whore stories that everyone has come to know and love. Yes, it's a poor, Black community. Yes, it's in Mississippi. Yes, the whites are completely nonexistent in the area. But, no, it is not an instance of racism. This area has always been poor and Black. It's just that since the moral decaying process caused by "civil rights" legislation started, the area has progressively declined. Remember Lyndon Johnson's quotes when he signed the first hunk of this crap, "If you take away the will of a man to work, you break the will of the man."

Sorry for the tangential tirade about the DEMOCRAT racist President that hated Black folks, but so is the nature of the DEMOCRAT party. Always has been, always will be. Dammit, I gotta focus.

There are no businesses in this area because by definition, businesses get started by ambitious people to make money. You see, Penelope, you can't make any money if folks are too damn scared to come to your place of business or everything gets stolen every damn day. And surprisingly enough, if nothing but poor folks live in your area, the chances of them buying your product are slim to none. They are POOR!

Now, on to the controversial, pistol-packing mayor, Frank Melton (DEMOCRAT!) and former Mississippi Drug Enforcement Agency Director under Governor Ronnie Musgrove (DEMOCRAT!). Frank has been trying some very unorthodox tactics to break up the Wood Street Players Gang and rid the area of the drugs. The next player in the article, Ronnie Agnew (Left-Wing Liberal Gannett newspaperman) has fought Frank and his tactics every step of the way. Ronnie has allowed every single one of the articles about Frank to show him in a negative light. Granted, I think that Frank might even be breaking the law, but those in the City that are fighting Frank are mostly Black folks that don't want crack dealers arrested. And DEMOCRAT! And that includes the District Attorney Faye Peterson, yet another Black DEMOCRAT!

Sidebar: If you still believe as many do, that Mississippi has more racial problems than say, New York City, you are a blithering moron and need to quit reading my blog entirely. Instead read Ted Rall, he's more to your liking. Trivia: Mississippi has more Black elected officials than any other state in our country. Check it.

Now, on to the school itself. Lanier has been the poster child for every bit of Leftist propaganda ever introduced in the United States. The school was built to offer up one of the first case studies in the Church of Diversity. My personal experience with the school is limited to helping a classmate of mine in college (that graduated from Lanier in the top of his class) write papers for Writing for Architects class. He didn't know what a verb was. Top of his damn class. But, his self-esteem was off the damn charts, I tell you!

While you read the comments from some, Hell all, of the people that Brokaw interviewed, you notice that they all sound like morons. Even Ross Barnett's (DEMOCRAT!) daughter. Let's not even get started on her obviously trying to save her soul from Hell by attempting to undo the racist policies of her DEMOCRAT father.

Now, the single, most ridiculous statement in the article was the one about the best Black teachers getting transferred to White schools during the Sixties. Let's ponder this asinine statement for a minute. Let's assume that it was true. Damn, I made myself laugh. If Mississippi was such a damn racist place even then, why in mortal Hell do you think that anyone would put a Black teacher at a White school when the DEMOCRAT legislation of integration said nothing of the sort? Dunno, Einstein, why you think?

Then we go on to read about Charles Norton (CRACKER), who still teaches at Lanier after all this time talk about how the poor, little, Black kids loved to touch his hair. How cute! And right after that they go on to report that the Whites started putting their kids in private schools and moving. If there were ever Whites in the neighborhood, why do you think those poor, little, Black kids wanted to touch Moonbeam's hair? Ooooo, contradiction! Imagine!

Folks go on to say in this article that race has everything to do with where you live and where to shop. Dumbass #1: "Hey, let's go shopping down in Georgetown." Dumbass #2: "Uh, there aren't any stores in Georgetown. It's a residential neighborhood." Dumbass #1: "Racist!"

Priceless Quote A: Vince Gordon is a youth minister who graduated from Lanier high.

Vince Gordon: This is the capital city and we have no movie theatre. How many capital cities have you visited without a movie theatre?

Brokaw: Because it’s now a predominantly black city?

Gordon: Right.

At this point, a hideous humming noise started in my head and I got an incredible desire to surf porn, but still I continue.

Less than six years ago, the Alamo Theatre (research this!) renovation was completed in downtown Jackson. An opening night gala was planned and then on the night of this gala, while people were streaming into the theatre, gunmen drove by and sprayed the front of the building with bullets. It was the damn Klan, huh, Two Dogs? No, Punkin', it was dope dealers using Muslim tactics trying to maintain the status quo. Not nearly as romantic as the Klan, but true nevertheless.

And Vince Gordon obviously wants his school-age daughter to become addicted to crack and get pregnant, otherwise he would have never endangered her by moving into the area. Oh, remember, she gets straight A's at a school that turns out folks who don't even know what a verb is.

Now, I am going to ridicule the school age children.

Bit Players

Alicia Ruffin: My pity cup runneth over. This is probably a sweet girl that spends her entire day reading the Bible and helping retired, widow women with their grocery shopping, but she sounds like a spoiled hussy that likes to smoke, drink, and get laid. My heart breaks for her child.

Nancy Sylvester: My G_d woman! You must be the patron saint of Negroes! You work all day and night and buy clothes for those poor kids? Get your Congressional Medal of Honor right freaking now! Bitch!

Fameika Thomas: My dear, you are a good woman that did what she was supposed to do to take care of her siblings. I am dreadfully sorry that someone told you that becoming a social worker was a good idea. And to take out student loans to get that degree. Go back to night school and get a degree in something where you won't have to waste your life on a fruitless career. Best of luck to you because you are the only hero in this article.

Betty Smith: Throw your damn worthless family in the damn street so you can enjoy your golden years. And thanks for your contributions, maybe you should direct them towards someone who appreciates them. Just saying.

Crack Mama Thomas: Leave those damn kids alone. Move somewhere that you will never poison their lives again. If you continue to harass Fameika, the woman who saved your kids, you are evil.

Ruth Ruffin: You failed with Alicia. Succeed with Alicia's baby, because that child is YOUR responsibility.

Chanel Williams: To steal a quote from Benard Goldberg, "Lanier is to Honor Students, what hyenas are to opera." Don't be discouraged, go to Community College so you can learn to read and write, then go to College. You'll do fine if you stay out of Liberal Arts.

The Entire Preister Family: The gene pool is depleting. Sit down and shut the Hell up!

Oh, I almost forgot to talk about the basketball player that got kicked off the team by the mean, mean coach. You see, there is only one damn thing that is actually successful at Lanier. It's the basketball team. The coach is a complete hardass that DEMANDS a certain level of performance from his players. He is a good coach and he wants to win. I'm guessing that is a terrible way to offer these boys a way out of the ghetto, but let's forget for one second about the bad apple. What about the rest of the kids on that team that did not get kicked off the team? Do we want to teach those kids that you can do whatever the Hell you want to do and still get a free ride?

Now, I play the "five-year" game. In five years, Alicia will have three more kids, be hooked on crack, and her kids will become the next generation of the same thing that Lanier has always had. Until our society embraces again the tenets that made this country great and completely sticks the stake through the heart of the cry-baby culture that we have become, nothing will change. A wise person once said, "Insanity is doing the same things over and over and expecting different results."

Anyway, Brokaw finishes up this smear piece of Black folks by stating that this is happening in all urban areas. Why did he pick Jackson, Mississippi? I'll tell you why. So our Great State can continue to be the whipping boy of the Northeast Liberal Fantasy States that turn out these same products even in the wealthy, white neighborhoods. Brokaw did this piece for the sole purpose of making his rich buddies feel better about how bad they suck.