Wednesday, December 20, 2006

More on Kwanzaa and Principles of Blackness!

This past week the searches for "Black Spending Habits" have dwindled, but the damn Kwanzaa searches have gone "off the chain." I'll just say this much, people who celebrate Kwanzaa are harming this country if they celebrate the spirit of the "holiday." If you want to know more, you can read THIS award winning article written by an teetotal genius on the "Principles of Blackness" and this Kwanzaa crap.
And on to the show. I just don't see the War on Christmas in my area. I don't see an attempt to turn the folks around here away from Jesus and Christianity, and I don't see a large push for the Black Folk to have "their" own celebration. I'm sure that there are some racists in my area, but thankfully they don't really show their faces in my circles.
But, that being said, Kwanzaa IS a War on Christmas. If you read the article linked above, you should be able to understand that is exactly what Karenga was trying to do. He was advocating Socialism, Racism, Hate, and Humanism with his proposed celebration.
I guess that my point is; that at this particular time of year, we are supposed to think about the things that gave us this school break, that gave us this time off from work, that gave us extended time to spend with family, that allowed us to see the folks that mean everything in the world to us, and that gave us the time to reflect on others that have gone on to pave the way for us. Hate should not enter into this celebration. I vote to move Kwanzaa to another month if we are going to have it at all.