Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Props to the Beertender

Another one of my friends has entered the blogging arena and is hell bent on getting a bunch of traffic. Some of you may remember him as Clarence Worley from the 1993 blockbuster hit, "True Romance." Others may remember him as the staple of the greatest bar in the history of the world. And no, it ain't Chris Carothers.

One of the fondest memories that I have from recent times is the night that Clarence and yours truly hung out at THE bar the whole night after closing, listened to every Elvis album ever made and drank what amounted to fourteen cases of Coors Light. We watched the sun rise from the third floor window on that final day, ordered breakfast sandwiches from Broad Street, and I carried case after case of beer up three flights of stairs by myself after Clarence passed out. Long live the memory of MQ, them was da days.

Anyhoo, go on OVER. It's just like my place but stupider, if that's a word. And there will be a continuous link in the Baseball Fans sidebar, because Clarence loves the game.