Thursday, July 05, 2007

Black Spending Habits

UPDATE 12/11/07: I know that the majority of you are here from searching on Google or Yahoo for Yolanda Young's Black Spending Habits article from USA Today. The link is in the fourth paragraph of this post, but I beg that you read what I have to say about Ms. Young's VERY wrongheaded article.

Please. I'm begging and I do not beg that often. This article has been sent around the e-mail circuit for almost four years now. It is a very stupid article and if you follow the link below, you will agree with me. Not only that, but you might start thinking about things rather than following someone that you do not know. End UPDATE.

Ah Hell, here we go again. Obviously a new wave of e-mails has sent around the link to supreme racist Yolanda Young's idiotic screed in USA Today in April of 2004 and I am the sole beneficiary. Thanks Ass-Hat, I owe you. And on to the diatribe.

Yolanda Young is a moron. How she had a job that allowed her to write the idiotic article she did, without someone actually reviewing it, befuddled the sh*t out of me. But, you know as well as I do, there are some people that will stop at nothing to attempt to keep the Black race down. Yolanda Young is one of those people, even though she IS Black. Read her original article with my wonderful commentary HERE, if you are interested in getting the gist of what she is saying by misinterpreting every single bit of the Target Market study.

Wonder what she thought about New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina completely missed it and rain caused the newly constructed levees to fail? HERE. She actually calls New Orleans "The Big Easy" and states that she grew up in Shreveport. Do you think that she even knows that New Orleans has never been called that ridiculous name until that suck-ass Dennis Quaid movie came out? For those of you who have no idea what the nickname of New Orleans is, it's The Crescent City.

Just do understand that the article actually pulls an Al Gore on the information in the study. And in all of the searches that lead people here, I actually take the time to check on those pages. Since this started happening, I have found exactly ONE article that confronts the crap that Ms. Young published. This was published by a gentleman, Tim Wise, that is completely to the opposite end of the philosophical spectrum from me, but he at least cracked open his grey matter to try to understand the premise upon which Ms. Young built her house of cards. Sorry, I don't have time to locate the exact article on his website, but know that he goes even further than I did in my debunking. He ordered a copy of the Target Market study, actually read it and did research on the topic. Surprisingly enough, he found that every single statement in Young's article was blatantly false. Oh, HERE's his article. Tim states in this article, "But a careful glance at the source of her claims makes it apparent that she is either incapable of interpreting basic data or that she deliberately deceives for political effect." I simply state, "Yolanda Young is a moron."

As Tim and I have different political views, we also have different writing styles. He does research and stuff like that and I simply stated the obvious. I guess that because of this, I have a lot more time to drink than Tim does.

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