Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Sicko - A Review

No, I didn't see it, but I thought that since the Leftists and Dumbasses review Ann Coulter's books without having ever read them (not to mention Moneyball, too), I would return the damn favor.

Here we go.

Michael Moore is a complete moron that gets big bucks because he is NOT alone in that classification. You see, I have come to the conclusion that at a very minimum ninety-nine percent of humans are morons. This movie is the same crap that all of his other movies are. They are lies financed by Socialists that still hang on the failed "experiments" of fascism, communism, and class warfare. You didn't know that fascism was a "Progressive" idea? Geez, you are stupid. And if you believe that there is one thing that could possibly be the truth in this movie, you too are a moron. Not that being stupid is a bad thing, you just shouldn't be allowed to vote.

On to the real reason for Michael making this movie.

Michael Moore cannot purchase insurance on the open market because there is not one single insurance company that wants to risk their financial well-being to give him medical insurance. You see, Moonbeam, Michael is one big-fat slob that does nothing at all to take care of himself. So, instead of actually exercising and getting into some semblance of good health so that will change, he feels that it is necessary to blackmail the people who sell insurance into giving it to him. Add to that, the fact that he is too damn stupid to actually keep from putting himself into dangerous situations like, for instance, lying about people that own guns. Stupid move, dumbass.

Now, since I didn't see his idiotic screed, which is a complete fabrication I might add, I have decided instead to offer another idea to "fix" health care.

Instead of offering "universal health care" and allowing our medical services to begin to suck as bad as Canada and Great Britain, let's do away with every single government doctor in this country. What I mean is to completely dismantle the government agencies that handle anything with regard to health.

Here's a first thought list, this is NOT comprehensive in any way: CDC, VA, FDA, DHS, Medicaid, Medicare, Administration on Aging, National Institute on Aging, Insure Kids Now, and G_d only knows how many other agencies.

Why, Two Dogs? It's going to kill a bunch of people. Okay, so you are a moron! Well, I'll type slowly. On this day, a couple of years back, there were a bunch of old white guys that thought they had had enough of an oppressive government. They decided to kick the crap out of the biggest, baddest country on the planet to get rid of their style of oppression. They knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that government failed at every single thing that they attempted except for fighting other governments. Simple.

Our military could be provided with medical cards that would allow them to visit ANY doctor and get the health care they need anywhere in the world. The bill would go to their branch of the military, funded by our tax money. I believe that the military is the only service that the government should offer. And we owe them. All of the other sheeple that are currently on any government sponsored health care would be required to handle that on their own. So, sorry.

The good part about this idea is that there would be no need to continue to employ the current slate of incompetent doctors that work for the myriad of different government alphabet services and they could go back to picking up trash on the side of the road where they belong.