Friday, September 28, 2007

The Jena 6, Continued.......

As we all know, this is the place to come for your thesis material. Hell, just look at the right sidebar, there is even a pulldown menu right under the Bean countdown to serious sexual abuse.

Anyhoo, someone is obviously having a bit of a dilemma about finding the dumbest thing in the world on which to pen a thesis. I guess that all of the topics relating to the most intelligent person on "The View" were taken. I might even suggest that writing a thesis on the most ridiculous things that the ACLU has taken to court would fall on the stupid side of the Jena 6 thing. Damn, how you pare that down to less than 6,000,000 different things?

Wonder what this simpleton has determined to be their chosen field of study? Could it possibly be something along the lines of "gender studies" or maybe "Native American studies" (better known in academic circles as "Indigenous People Studies") Goodness, what if they are trying to start a new field, like "Anti-racial Racially Motivated Race-Baiting Hate-Crimes and Their Opposites" or something like that?

You know, you could probably get Jesse Jackson to get the Rainbow Coalition behind something like that if you never, ever let a white person into the field. Remember, there is no white in a rainbow. How in the mortal Hell has the incident in Jena even garnered any attention at all? Why would anyone get behind the criminals involved in this mess and think that what the protesters were doing was good? Why am I asking these questions on a blog with absolutely no readership at all and that on which no comments ever get posted?

Hello? Is this thing on?