Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Quick, Put The Kids Inside, It's That Potter Kid!

I can't figure out what the big shitting storm is about the Harry Potter thing, but that could be because I have never read one of the books or seen one of the movies. Sorry, Harry Lovers, but a little flouncing wizard doesn't appeal to me; I would rather watch Waiting to Exhale, at least there are chicks in the movie. Seemingly, that would put me in the minority of the movie going public, but remember, the last movie that I went to see was Talledega Nights with Bean about a year ago.

The thing that causes me concern is the overwhelmingly gay dude that plays Harry. If there is a single person that thinks this Leslie boy doesn't smoke the pole, their gaydar is busted. Can't you just hear this fellow saying, "You know, Kevin, I think that it's time to slip into something more comfortable."? Understand this, if a guy plays a gay guy in a movie, he is gay. There is no more debate needed on this. Straight men don't play that crap; sure we might think about it for a minute but that's just because you women are so damn hard to figure out. Remember when that guy that played the gay sheep herder came out of the closet a few weeks back? Wow, shocker there.

Anyway, take your kids to see one of these movies at your own peril. I don't mean that having a gay child would be the end of the world, but it would at least be on par as them bringing home a person that wasn't the same race as y'all and man, how wrong is that?

And a grammar/punctuation question: Is my use of the semicolon correct here? I think that I want to start using that as much as possible if it is. Damn good looking piece of punctuation if you ask me and you did.