Friday, September 21, 2007

The Jena Six

With something akin to universal event-producing irony, the second I start reading Barry Obama's "Why I Hate White People and Why You Should Too" autobiography, there all of the sudden appears a little talked about story that occurred in Jena, Louisiana dealing with some type of racism. I haven't seen, read, or heard much about it, but what I can glean is that there were some Black racists that beat up a little innocent white boy that was making something special for his mother. I think that the white boy was retarded or something and out of the blue, six ghetto thugs just jumped on him for no reason and almost killed him.

It seems that the innocent little white boy had chosen a tree in the local school yard as an easel to make his mother a new macrame' plant hanger and these illiterate gangsta', gangsta' thugs took offense and beat the mortal hell out of this sweet, sweet, retarded boy.

Now, it appears that some dude named Jesse and another dude named Al came down to Jena to stir up even more racial hatred and to cause trouble in this sleepy little town. Along with these racists was another guy named Martin III that is doing nothing but make his daddy spin right now. Remember, Dr. King said "content of character." Try to learn from your father. I think that at one point, I remember hearing about these three guys. If memory serves, they are in the Klan or something like that.

(Here, I remove my tongue from my cheek and espouse, quite eloquently, I might add, the story behind the story.)

Okay, folks, there is racism here, and everyone knows it. Jesse and Al destroyed every single chance of doing something constructive here and getting to the bottom of this tragedy. On to the show.

Are these Black kids guilty of a crime? Yes. The fact that there are morons crawling out of the woodwork supporting these criminals does NOT change that F-A-C-T. This issue is not about those guys, it is about something much more weighty going on in that little town.

Here's what I really have. It seems that on the campus of the local school, there is a tree referred to simply as the "White Tree." Does that throw up any flags, folks? Last August, a Black student asked the principal for "permission" to sit under that tree. The principal told that student that he could sit anywhere that he wanted. He sat under the tree and was joined by other Black students. Understand now that at this particular school, white and black students usually do not associate with one another. Hinky......

Anyhoo, the next morning, tied in the "White Tree" there were nooses. Three white students were determined to be responsible. What? Nah, couldn't happen in a city that obviously has institutionalized racism. "White Tree."

Those WHITE students were recommended to be expelled from school and the school board overturned that and gave them a three day suspension. As far as punishment, I have to disagree with any given to these WHITE students. Being a dumbass-cracker-Klansman-Racist is not illegal. Far from it. First Amendment, remember? Is it right? No, but this is the United States of America folks. You can say whatever you want. And the left-wing Supreme Court has determined that flag-burning and the like are "speech."

Now, on to the more disturbing aspects regarding this. Black students organized a peaceful sit-in under the tree in protest. Police broke up the sit-in. You know damn well that any time you have a "protest" like that, it is NOT peaceful. Those things turn into riots, folks.

What is the problem in Jena? Well, it's the same thing that happens whenever there is one of these "race" problems. We have folks that back someone just because they are Black, and we have folks that support someone just because they are White. These people are known as "racists." I do not care whether you are frigging paisley, if you support someone simply because of the color of their skin, you are a racist.

Now, what do you do to stop this bullshit from ever happening again? Well, you immediately address the problem at the onset. Jena ignored the blatant racism in its midst and it came back to bite them on the ass. Damn, Jesse Jackson showed up. Do you need any other reason at all to nip this racism thing in the bud? The only way that it could have been worse is if Hillary Clinton had showed up.

Now, I will say my piece. Mychal Bell, one of the Black kids that was on trial, is a bad dude. He has been charged numerous times for violent crimes. Should people march in his defense? Hell, no, he is a damn punk. He should do time because he is a violent criminal. But, instead they threw the charges out because he got his feelings hurt and Jesse turned this into a circus. What does that teach everyone involved? It teaches them that they can do any damn thing that they want and they can claim that they were offended by someone else and that is their justification for criminal behavior. We have raised a bunch of cry-baby sissies.

The racist little punks that tied up the nooses should be ostracized from the community and their families should be run out of town by the good people that refuse to accept that kind of crap. I really don't think that bullwhipping these people is unreasonable, the children as well as the parents, but what the Hell do I know? Can I actually tell if there are any good people left in this town? Seriously, it doesn't look like it.

Soapbox time. You see, there exist in the world, people that have varying shades of pigmentation. Does that make their hearts any different than someone that doesn't share that skin color? I think not. If I am sitting around killing time with Skipp Coon, I can guarantee that we share the same views on alot of things even though he appears to be much darker than me. (Yes, I have a friend named Skipp Coon and he happens to be getting married in a couple of weeks. Congrats, Skipper. Now that you are going to be married, you can actually run for Mayor of Jafrica.)

Yes, our ideas of how to solve the same problems might find a different path, but the outcome would ultimately be the same. Right is right, and wrong is wrong. There should be no gray area here. What legitimate information that I can get regarding this Jena debacle points to the fact that not one single thing about this whole ordeal is right. Love your neighbor, folks. Even if they are a different color. I guarantee the similarities between y'all are more numerous than the differences.

UPDATE: Sultan sends THIS in to whop the hornet's nest some more.