Wednesday, September 12, 2007

The Past Continues......

For the past coupla' days, I have been reading about other folks disciplinary problems with their chillun' and I though that I would relay this story about my crumb-cruncher. Thanks for reminding me of this, raejane.

When Ben was somewhere between two and three years old, about the age in the photo, he enjoyed going to Shoneys on Wednesday night to see Shoney Bear. As an aside, Shoney Bear is quite possibly the weakest restaurant mascot type animal ever frigging invented. Dammit, he looked stupid, but the munchkin liked him and the damn spaghetti, so I always acquiesced.

Anyhoo, you can imagine what a madhouse Shoneys was with all the little redneck kids running around and trying to tackle Shoney Bear and what not. And Little Dogs quietly sitting in his booster seat simply watches the melee.

Our waitress, named something like Georgiandinna, came over and exclaimed, "My,my, you is such a nice little man. Why is you so well behaved?" Picture this said by a large, large black woman in a very high pitched voice.

LD replied, "Because my daddy beats me."

She looked at me with an upraised eyebrow and I simply said, "Yes, and I shall use the knotted plow rope tonight." As if on cue, he started crying. I thought that I was going to go to jail.


Brenda said...

Wow You ARE mean!! I don't even know what a plow rope is ; )