Friday, September 14, 2007

Since Everything on the Interwebs is True

And since everyone that I know has been asking me for which candidate should they vote? I found this little vote dictator over at Decision 2008 and I thought that I would share it with all y'all.

Just looking at the leading candidates from this poll scares the ever-loving Hell outta me. I do like the fact that Obama-lama-ding-dong is leading the Shrillary, though. And I love, love, love the fact that John McCain is dead frigging last. But, again, I must point out that Dennis Kucinich is in second from the looks of things. I'm guessing this thing might not be scientific.

Okay, Pam, I guess he has my vote because this website says that he likes the same things that I like more than any other candidate, but I haven't heard anything about President Fred. I have never seen him or anything. Has he ever been involved in politics? Do you think that he is friends with Alec Baldwin? If so, I think that might hurt his chances. Has he ever been on a submarine?

The questionaire takes about two minutes for the normal person or one hour for someone who graduated from public school. Go HERE now.