Sunday, October 28, 2007

Here We Go Again!

It's time for the BCS again! Yay! If there is a more inept bunch, they have to be government employees. (Not the military, Bean.)

Here's the Rankings and a little commentary.

1. Ohio State-Remember last year? Are you stupid, BCS? You are? Okay, then.
2. Boston College-Oh, okay.
3. LSU-Two lines too low, just saying.
4. Arizona State-I can't wait until next weekend.
5. Oregon-See above comment.
6. Oklahoma-If these guys don't win out, I will be shocked.
7. West Virginia-Quality wins over ranked teams, hahahahahaha.
8. Kansas-Their only decent game is against Missouri, what does that tell you?
9. Missouri-Got destroyed by Oklahoma. The score was 41-31, but Oklahoma quit and left with seven minutes left in the second quarter.
10. Georgia-A 6-2 SEC team is ranked higher than Hawaii who is undefeated.
11. Virginia Tech-If they don't win out, there is something dreadfully wrong.
12. Michigan-You have simply got to be kidding me. They lost to Appalachian State. That's crazy.
13. Connecticut-Don't take this the wrong way, but they don't deserve to be in the top 100.
14. Hawaii-They do not play any ranked teams at all, unless you count Boise State, and you shouldn't.
15. Texas-This is a bad team, folks.
16. Auburn-How is 6-3 Auburn ranked above 6-2 Alabama? That's hinky.
17. Alabama-See note above.
18. South Florida-For the love of Pete! Will someone dig their head outta their ass! This team is terrible.
19. USC-Uh, will these folks just go away? Please?
20. Florida-How is Florida still here?
21. Wisconsin-They lost to Penn State. Penn State! Damn, the Big Eleven sucks, why can't they just stop playing football?
22. Boise State-Beat Nevada 69-67 in a hella defensive matchup a coupla weeks ago and BLUE GRASS!
23. Virginia-Coming off a win, I mean LOSS to 3-5 NC State! Geez.
24. Wake Forest-The Fighting Baptists! Yeah, that's where Arnold Palmer went to school. Come up with another superstar from Wake. Basketball doesn't count, folks.
25. Clemson-For some odd reason, I like Clemson, go figger.

This is just like watching a train wreck. You want to look away, but damn it is impossible. On a side note, on ESPN tonight, a caller made the comment that "So and so looked as nervous as Michael Vick in a Pet Smart." They should shut that station down.