Sunday, October 21, 2007

Hey, Boss! The Polls! The Polls!

It took less than twelve hours for me to see if I am a genius or not. Understand that either way that the polls go, I am right. On to the show....

1. Ohio State, got it.
2. Boston College, got it.
3. LSU, got it.
4. Arizona State, damn moved up four slots by sitting home. I had Oklahoma. PAC-10, you know, USC has to be in the title game.
5. Oregon, damn moved up five by beating an unranked nobody. I had Arizona State. And they leapfrogged Oklahoma? Oh, that's right, we have to get USC in the title game.
6. Oklahoma, damn they fell by winning against Iowa State. I had West Virginia. See prior USC comments.
7. West Virginia, damn moved up two by beating super-unranked We Suck, a fifth place SEC West team. State is five out of six in the SEC West, y'all. I had South Florida.
8. Virginia Tech, damn moved up three slots by staying home. I had the Oregon Ducks.
9. Kansas, damn moved up four slots by beating an unranked nobody. I had Kentucky, but I said they couldn't fall completely out because that would make the BCS look stupid. Need I say more? Because Kentucky sure as Hell fell out of the Top Ten.
10. South Florida, damn, but I told you they wouldn't fall out of the Top Ten! I had Virginia Tech.

Florida is number eleven and USC is number twelve. And just so you know, Cal, who was on the verge of becoming the number one team in the nation just two short weeks ago, has dropped to number twenty-one, because they suck. That means that they play in the PAC-10 for those of you who don't know college football.

So, I had nine of the Top Ten, but only three in the same place. Let's check the AP, the Idiot Today, and the Fan Polls. Please notice that South Florida is nowhere to be found here.
AP: Ohio State, BC, LSU, Oklahoma, Oregon, West Virginia, Arizona State, Virginia Tech, USC, Florida (not South Florida!).
Idiot Today: Ohio State, BC, LSU, Oklahoma, Oregon, West Virginia, Arizona State, USC, Virginia Tech, Kansas.
Finally the Fan Poll: Ohio State, LSU, BC, Oklahoma, Oregon, Arizona State, West Virginia, Florida, USC, Viginia Tech.

I am really dumbfounded that all the other polls have USC and the BCS doesn't. If USC loses another game, it's going to be damn near impossible for them to win the National Championship this year and we all know what that means, huh?

I wish that I could make a graphic to display exactly where all the these polls fall, but my Agent Super-Spy Micron Transport GX-Plus blew a head gasket today. Man, that computer was only six and a half years old. I am currently blogging from Bean's old Gateway laptop that has a whopping 128 megs of RAM. It is swuuuft, I tell you, but at least it works.

As aside, do y'all think that there are too many sports posts here? If you (singular) do, then make your own blog and I will read it.