Sunday, November 18, 2007

BCS Week Twelve

Here's a high-brow bleg, I have posted my ass off today, so scroll down for stuff that is fun and stuff for the chicks. You know, I am not only your one-stop shop for everything BCS, but also I am the man that gives you ideas for saving your relationships. Yeah, I know that I am your savior, Holmes, you will be just fine as long as I am here. I got yo' back.

Well, with the Ducks collapsing like cheap lawn furniture at a Wal-Mart employee picnic, we have more shake-ups. The surprising team that is quietly climbing up the board is UGA. The Bulldogs have kept under the radar most of the year and then all of the sudden, WHAM, right in your mouth, there they are in the Top Ten.

Another team of note is Kansas, who seems poised to go undefeated this year. Of course, their schedule is tremendously soft, but that is the nature of the Big 12. Please, please, please, Jayhawks, you must, absolutely must win out, including the Big-12 Championship Game. You must destroy Mizzou this coming Saturday and then finish up with a spanking of Oklahoma or Texas in San Antonio. If you do not, then I guarantee that tOSU will leapfrog into the BCS Championship Game to be handed a lopsided defeat again this year, simply because of the tea-bagging from tey geh sportswriters. Please Santa Jayhawk, give me what I need. I want to watch LSU pound you into the turf in New Orleans, just like Florida did to tOSU last year in the Frito (or whatever the damn Fiesta Bowl is) Bowl.

Just so you know, if by chance Vanderbilt defeats Wake Forest next Saturday, eleven of the SEC's twelve teams will be bowl eligible. But, that is not such a big deal compared to the other BCS conferences, and also note the numbers next to the Conferences on my **AWARD WINNING GRAPHIC ABOVE** showing the number of teams from each Conference in the Top-20. On a funny note, remember just a few weeks ago when Cal was right up at the top of the Big Board and everyone was saying how tough they were? Those PAC-10 Leslie Boys have dropped five of their last six against some of the softest competition in the country and by that, I mean the other teams in the PAC-10. Hence, why they are shown in PAC-10 teh gey fushia. That is actually the name of the color, dude.

I just want to send a personal message to the Rainbow Warriors of Hawaii, the comment is in bold typeface, so forward it to all your cousins attending school there. I wanted so badly to watch y'all's (plural possessive) game on Thursday because I thought that both you and the Gimps of Nevada would break the century mark in scoring in that game. I envisioned a score of 113-106. I am sorely disappointed in the final score, but I am so damn glad that I didn't watch. If you think that for one second that Hawaii deserves to be in the Top 75 of the college rankings, you are badly mistaken. Badly. I couldn't care less if the Rainbow Warriors went undefeated for thirty (30) years, they play in the WAC, along with the Boise State Blue-Grass Playing Doo-Doo Heads. Well, I think that is their name, anyway, who cares? It's the damn WAC!

Below are searches that have sent unsuspecting people to this little hole-in-the-wall just today. I outrank the four letter network on most BCS searches because only here can you get intelligent commentary regarding college football and the BCS Rankings. And can you imagine that Google suggested "CBS" in lieu of "BCS"? Me neither.

Searches originated in Norcross, GA, Columbus, OH, Sunflower and Bonner Springs, KS, West Palm, FL, St. Charles, MO, and Knoxville, TN among others. So, it's not just the same person that is getting the skinny from this joint, it's the whole damn country. Thanks for playing folks, and I hope that I didn't skewer your team too badly. Well, no, I really don't give a damn unless you play in the SEC.

As always, click the image to get the big 'un thoed atcha. (Yes, "thoed" is a damn word. What are you, a damn English teacher or something? Then why in the Hell are you reading my blog, Mrs. McCleod?)