Monday, November 19, 2007

Uh, Come Here, Perro, Let's Talk

Okay, here's my take on this woman NOT in the kitchen. There are so many folks running around talking and writing about how Clinton doesn't need to be President. I agree, but let's not be stupid about it. Yes, Hillary wrote a thesis that was moronic drivel fawning over the need to follow Saul Alinsky's teachings for community organizing. Yes, she was a radical in college, and that makes her guilty of one thing, trying to get a good grade. If you think that Hillary has any constitution at all other than making her life more comfortable, you, Sir or Madam, are an idiot. And anyone that has attended a major university had better publish idiotic stuff for the grade. Remember, college professors are douchbag, hippie types that could not exist in the private sector. You cannot fault her for fellating someone to get a grade, or if you do, your lack of education is showing.

What we can fault her for is simply the fact that she is a big government spender with tendencies that lean heavily toward redistribution of wealth and centralization of all government. Plus, she is "married" to the only President that has been impeached other than Andrew Johnson during the height of the battle for emancipation of the slaves. Most morons will try to argue that Bill was impeached over sex, and they would be wrong, just saying. Please, let's not revisit that trainwreck and, damn, you have to be monumentally stupid to get in trouble when you are PRESIDENT. Or just have a complete disdain for anyone that is not you, Bill.

Anyway, let's get to the gist of this article. I do have a monumental attraction to intelligent women. Hillary Clinton is not one of those women. She is the exact same as Al Gore was back in 2000. She has this "claim" to the Presidency because she is a woman and she thinks that it is owed to her. That makes her even less attractive as a candidate to me. I like to see folks run on their record and history, something which Clinton has none of any gravity. On the other hand, Barry Obama has much, much less. Of the two major candidates in the Democrat Party, Hillary is the vastly superior choice and that is saying a mouthful for me. If you are planning on voting for Barry, you might as well vote for any teenager instead, they have as much knowledge.

Do I think that this country is "ready" for a female President? Why of course. Immediately Dr. Rice springs to mind, or maybe Halle Berry, if she had a brain and was not a Leftist. But, this country is not ready for a Black woman to lead us. Remember that this country is divided 50-50 as Democrats v. Republicans. Democrats will NOT vote for a Black person except for the ordained ones that tow the Party line of the vast majority of Black folks, hence Democrat. The Party of racism would never allow a person of color to even run for the Nation's highest office, Senator Byrd (Dumbass-WV) would have a conniption fit, Toby.

So, the folks that have jobs and want to keep what little money the government allows you to keep should form a coalition of informed people to keep Hillary and by default, Dumbass Obama, from getting elected. The way to do that is focus on the legitimate policies that these wetbrains espouse. Easy enough done.

Healthcare. Clinton wants a single-payer plan for your medical needs. I am vehemently opposed to this scenario. Having watched the workings of a VA administered hospital, I am all too aware of the quality of medicine distributed to our military. I do not choose to use that system at all, even though it would be "free" were Bean and I wed. (I think I should by the way, just so you know.)

Just think back to way, way back, last year and earlier this year when the Democrats were all in a tizzy about Walter Reed, our country's premier military medical center. Do you want that for your local healthcare providers? Prolly not, or if you do, that's scary.

Taxes. There has been so much stuff regarding John "Panty-Wearing Booty-Boy" Edwards talking about this and Hillary is no different. They are at a financial position where taxes have no effect on them. They have plenty of money and can get more free stuff than than a welfare mom with fifteen kids. Federal income taxes never even cross their minds unless it is to get more dollars from you and me for the study of international global climate change or the study of bovine flatulence on the atmosphere. Do you think for one minute that they have any grasp of how much gasoline costs these days other than to pander to your stupid ass?

Could someone please explain to me why I should support someone else that has not worked to support their own family and has never shown any desire to attempt to better themselves? It never ceases to amaze me when some jawing head talks about me sending money to help those "less fortunate" than me. Look here, dummy, I have worked my entire life to accomplish what little I have. There was never a single human that handed me anything. I have literally stomped on throats on my way to the top. Little, old grandmothers? You are going down, Myrtle, if you get in the way of my success. Imma killa'.

Social Security. Geez, let me out. That runaway interest rate of a whopping one point five (1.5%) percent is awesome, I tell you. Man, why has this program not completely carried the weight of this country's debt on its shoulders? Oh that's right, because 1.5% s-u-c-k-s. Okay, if you will let me out, I will let you keep that money that is kept in your lockbox, Al. What? There is no lockbox? What in the Hell are you talking about, that money has to be there for most folks when they retire or they are going to have to eat catfood.

When President Bush attempted to suggest a modest four (4%) percent redirection of FICA funds, the misinformed threw a tantrum. Those people are so absolutely stupid that they lower their sheeple heads and follow the leader to the edge of the cliff. The logic or lack thereof dumbfounds me. Uh, maybe you should look into taking care of your own damn future, you know.

Immodesty. Ugh. Close your damn shirt, top, dress, or whatever the Hell that is. Do you want to make the children sick or something? That photo makes me think of that Kim Kardashian's mother's Playboy shoot. I bet she's wearing hot pants or something, too. Damn, my eyes!