Thursday, November 22, 2007

Geez, Malcolm X, Ease Off

Damn, it seems that I don't do anything anymore but post on this stupid blog. Well, it's not really stupid and I have butt-loads of fun doing it, but damn dude, why the harshing? I received an e-mail from someone that simply identifies himself as Eric. I like to think of him as "Eric, the racist wet-brain." Yes, I have his e-mail address and a good idea which IP is his, so if I get dead soon, know that it was Eric. The information is in the fire-proof box, y'all. Oh, and I doctored the e-mail to correct the *sic* and edited out some f-bombs. Just heppin' you out, Big Balla.

The e-mail (Thanks Black Santa!): Hey ** asshole. Cynthia McKinney cares more about this country than your ** racist ass ever could. She has done more for our people in Georgia than anyone ever will. The ** racists in this country have tried for years to put this proud woman in her place and she doesn't take shit from ** whites. The ** whites can't stand her because she is right! The ** bitch Condi is a traitor to her people. She is not African. ** People like you and her will be taken care of when things change for us. ******. With reparations coming, true Africans will be able to make the change come no matter what the ** devils do. Enjoy your ** life now it is going to end soon.

(Also, Mr. Dummy did not capitalize "Africa." Bad, bad african.)

He signed off with the typical f-bomb and said "Die" so I didn't respond, I figure that at some point he will send more of "his" people to this blog to do the same things that happened early on with my Blackuary posts. Damn, I miss the debates that soundboyz, Imara, and I had back then. Oh, shocker for you, Eric, I have received hate mail before from people who didn't show their true colors of stupidity with the typical profanity laced screed that you did. They actually used coherent arguments to try to convince me to change my opinion. Okay, so I had a few Muslim folks that kinda went off the debate reservation, but at least they didn't drop the f-bombs. Even the threatening Muslims weren't that stupid, Eric. Well, all I can say is the movement is doomed if Eric is to lead.

I just want to say this before I drop a load on Mr. Racism. He never once said "Black" in his e-mail. I know that this is what he meant or otherwise I would just harsh on "Africans". My favorite African target? Teresa Heinz, the dumbass married to John Kerry. Oooooo, and Eric, she is one of the "debbils." And has a degree in "romance languages." But, even she is not as stupid as Cynthia McKinney.

You know, you kinda made your argument moot about racism, since you are obviously a Black Supremacist. Here's what I have to say about your candidate and your statements, Eric. Cynthia McKinney is a racist imbecile. I made fun of her support in my post, HERE, because of all the Black women in this country that could produce a very successful Presidency, she will never be one of them. Maybe millions of Black women could do a good job, but Cynthia is too stupid and racist to be one of them. Her opinions on policies today are some of the most racist and idiotic ideas that I have ever seen and I grew up in Mississippi in the Sixties. (Yes, we had some idiotic policies on race here, shocker, huh?)

And as far as Dr. Rice is concerned, Cynthia McKinney doesn't have the intelligence to be Dr. Rice's toilet plunger. And I don't think that Dr. Rice was born in Africa, I KNOW she was born in Birmingham, Alabama. That ain't in Africa, hoss, therefore, I would consider her a native of the greatest country in the history of the world, not the poorest, most underdeveloped, least educated CONTINENT. (Sorry, Africa, the truth hurts sometimes, but y'all will come roaring back one day.) If you had half of the intelligence that G-d gave a common house plant, you would eschew the term "African" and embrace the term "American" so you wouldn't appear to be so completely stupid. Also, do some checking on our Secretary of State and know what a real woman can accomplish, Eric. Do it with the knowledge that you will never have the experience of ever carrying on a conversation with anyone that is ten percent as intelligent as Dr. Rice. (Okay, I told you that I have a thing for smarty-smart women. Don't I, Bean?)

So therefore I must acknowledge that anyone that supports Cynthia McKinney as a candidate for any office is as equally stupid and racist as she. That means you, Eric. Let's play the five-years-down-the-road-game with you for a minute, Eric. I have no idea how old you are, I have no idea what your background is, I have no idea what your education level is, I have no idea what your religion is, but I do know this...

In five years, Eric will still be an upset little weasel that has yet to accomplish a damn thing. In five years, Eric will still be a frustrated, racist moron that cannot figure out why he is so unhappy and cannot earn his way through life. In five years, Eric will still only be hanging out with other losers that hate people simply because of the color of their skin. In five years, Eric will still be smoking tree and getting pounded in the ass by his cellmates when he goes to prison for a couple of months. Does the name "Bitch" mean anything to you? In five years, Eric will be wondering why he can't get a date with anyone other than pissed off, dirty, unemployed hate mongers. In five years, Eric will wonder why no one likes being around him. (By the way, it's probably because you don't wash those nasty-ass mats in your hair and you keep wearing that dirty Che Guevara t-shirt. Wash your McNasty Ass, brother.)

Anyhoo, thanks for sharing, Mr. Opposite of Clayton Bigsby. I thoroughly have enjoyed having my Thanksgiving sullied by a moron. Good luck in the future and have a nice day. Happy Thanksgiving, Eric!

UPDATE: When gnutcase offered props with the Bigsby reference, I decided to insert a clip, but I found this that is more appropriate, BUT NOT FOR WORK! Put your headphones on, please.