Thursday, November 22, 2007

Ronnie Agnew Doesn't Care About White People

Ronnie Agnew, for those of you that are remotely curious, is the Executive Editor of the Clarion-Ledger. I have pointed out so many times that this is a racist rag and today is no different. I opened the paper today to find an article on the damn front page regarding healthcare in the Black community and my blood started to boil from the overt pandering to the lobby for a socialized medical program. Damn, why don't y'all just come out and say that you want our healthcare to suck as bad as Cuba's and get it over with?

To the Jordans, this is not at all about you, I am terribly sorry for your loss. May you be blessed. I am positive that the Reverend Jordan got the best end of the deal with the place that he has moved on to.

On to the trashing of this particular article. Damn, there is so much here to discredit, so let's just go for the easy stuff, so you can see how the news business completely disregards its primary focus. This article is not simply saying that Blacks are having a crisis in health care (wonder what their solution is, hmmmmm?), but it is actually denigrating the Black community for not registering for the donor program.

Taken directly from THIS article: Some 17,000 people are listed as volunteer donors in UMC's database; about 5,600 are African American.

For the National Marrow Donor Program, which the UMC center is linked to, the total number of volunteer donors is about 6 million. About 3 million of these are white. Fewer than 500,000 are African American.

Awwww, shit, Two Dogs, NOT more math? Sorry folks, it needs to be done.

The thing that I need to say before the patented Jethro Bodine ciphering goes on here is that I am not a doctor, but I am not a moron, so crunch numbers we shall. Someone COULD probably tell me if White bone marrow or organs can be used to save Black people, the paper just says "more likely in your own race", but that is irrelevant because I am going to assume they can't. Just so you know, I am guessing that there might be a difficulty matching the two races, because I think that Blacks and Whites don't have some kind of similar physical traits that they need to match. Keep in mind, all physical traits are genetic and that is why Blacks are far, far superior to Whites at sports. And that, my friends, is the most important thing in the world, to me anyway. And, I'll tell you this, if Bean needed a kidney, I would MAKE her take mine because that way I would be "with her" all the time. (insert sexual innuendo here)

First, let's take the UMC numbers and make some assumptions. Since UMC is a Mississippi hospital, let's do the math on numbers of Mississippians for the donors. Of 17k, 5.5k are Black. That's almost 33%, you know. According to Census Bureau projections for 2006, Blacks make up 36.9% of the population of Mississippi. Okay, Black folks, y'all are slacking a little bit here. Is it the crisis level? You be the judge, at barely three percentage points? That is a crisis? Damn, who woulda thunk it?

Now, the National numbers. We keep hearing that Blacks make up less than 13% (actually 12.1) of this country's population and Whites make up 74.7%. Do you see where the crisis is for reals, yo? Of the 6 million donors, only 50% are White! And Blacks make up almost 17% of the remainder! Damn, way to go Black population, y'all are kicking ass Nationally with the donor program!

Understand this. I just skewed the numbers unlike the Clarion-Ledger ignoring them. If you break these numbers down by race, they are virtually the same between Black and White. Both races are about a third short in their respective populations. I have no idea from the article who is contributing well above their percentile, the paper makes no attempt to tell us that. So, hooray for some unknown race, y'all really, really care of donating organs and tissue.

The title of this article should not even suggest that Blacks are in a donor crisis without completely spelling out that the White population is in the exact same boat. Ronnie Agnew, you, sir, are a racist. Oh, yeah, I know that Agnew didn't write this, Gary Pettus did, but Ronnie is the damn head guy of the paper and he had to sign off. Which means he is either racist, stupid, or both.