Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Correction Number Two on the Day

Scroll down one post for the first apology.

I got into a heated conversation with a friend of mine tonight about The Wedding Crashers. He maintained that it was one of the funniest movies that he had ever seen and I told him that he was gay. Okay, I admit that I am not a big movie watcher. Bean and I rent movies quite a bit, but they are secondary to us just spending time together laying around with me playing with her Fred Flintstone feet under a blanket.

Anyhoo, the romantic comedy genre is not one of my favorites. Which is what The Wedding Crashers is. The same as Notting Hill or Pretty Woman. Hugh Grant=gay, Richard Gere=gay. When I first saw Owen Wilson in The Wedding Crashers, my first statement was that he was having a hard time playing a straight guy. And when I saw You, Me, and Dupree, again I had the same thought. And when I saw Meet the Fockers and Ben Stiller was in it too, the overt gayness was as overwhelming as Zoolander.

I just always assumed he was gay. I have no problem with guys being gay, it is just odd to me because I like women. A lot. But it seems that if you got a straight actor to play a straight role, it would be less awkward than having a flaming homosexual try to kiss and love on a woman. Well, long, boring story short, I was shocked when I saw this photo above. And then I studied the photo, Owen Wilson brought a dude in drag to this red carpet affair! That is a dude, I'm telling this is not really a correction , but an I told you so!

This post brought to you because my friend gnutcase sent me THIS, of which, this post is the blatantly obvious progression.

Look, the above link was funny. I know what is funny and THIS is funny, too.

Bean agreed with me, The Wedding Crashers? Not funny, gay.