Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Uh, Mmmmkay, I Stand Corrected

I made a comment in a prior post that our great country is not ready for a Black female President. Well, I always admit it when I am wrong. It seems like there are a few folks that are, and what a great candidate they are fielding! Whup out the checkbooks, folks and go HERE.

I furthermore retract the statements that I made ignorantly about third party workers wasting their time. This is movement that I can throw my full support behind. I don't know about you, but when I see a bright new upstart like Cynthia decide to get into big-boy politics, I am elated. Let's take a look at some of the wonderfully intelligent and successful people that are backing her, shall we? Don't worry, this will only take a minute.

Graphic and comment thread from HERE. (Please, check that site out, there are some really active young people there.) Wow! The 1964 Beatles are backing Cynthia! That is impressive. John, Paul, George, and Ringo have all thrown their support behind her, take that Hillary! And not only that, "The Great One" has issued the proclamation that if Kucinich doesn't get the Dem's nomination, he/she/ambiguous other will fall in line, too. Cynthia will be able to carry the low stools counter at any Waffle House with this support! Hell, maybe even two (2) Waffle Houses. Wait, can The Beatles vote here? I mean, I know they can vote in Democrat Primaries even if they are dead, but can they vote in a general election?

In a related story, Dennis Kucinich said, while adjusting his nonexistent junk, "If by chance me and my pet gerbils voting KUCINICH! does not assure my nomination by the Democrat Party to run for President in the general election, Ms. McKinney will definitely have my full support and all of my backers support. So chalk another three votes up for her."

Another of Denny's backers that wants Ms. McKinney to throw her propeller beanie with the arrow through it into the ring is HERE. According to comments following the article, there are another FOUR! votes for McKinney right there. That brings us to at least nine total in different areas of the country even! You couldn't stop this snowball from rolling down the hill if you had a piece of paper and a rubberband!

Since Cynthia McKinney has a tendency to kinda talk out of both sides of her melon, HERE is a copy of her signed FEC form to run for President. And HERE is a signed statement saying that she isn't running. Notice anything odd about the dates of each signed document? The FEC form is AFTER the denial of running! Yeah!

GREEN PARTY, BABY!!! That means that Eddie Vedder, Pearl Jam, and all of their goat-children, too! Damn, I hope Ralph Nader stays quiet about this.

Okay, now load up the minivan, canvass the neighborhood and get some folks on the team. If you like politics, you will love, love, love this campaign.

(Hat-Tip: JDR for coining the terminology "goat-children.")