Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Back in the Day

This video just freaks me out and always has for over twenty years, but I guess that I do like the song simply because Ray Charles pulls it physically from the ditch. And is damn nearly the only normal looking person in the whole crew. I realize this was from 1985, but come on people, don't y'all have someone to lay your clothes out or something? For some reason, the match-ups are just beyond bizarre to me. Dionne Warwick (who looks great), Willie Nelson, then Al Jarreau? That is strange. And don't you think that it is a major problem when a bunch of stars get together to do a benefit song and the only ones that actually know their parts are two blind guys and Kenny Rogers? Damn, The Boss is using sheet music to riff on Stevie, that is amazing.

And, Terrrrrr, look at 2:35 and check out Daryl Halls do, it is as bad or worse than Diana's.

Oh, and who in the Hell put together this collection of porno mustaches?