Sunday, November 11, 2007

It's Sunday and Time for the BCS Update!

Well, we have had a fun time with our college football rankings this year and today is no different. The major occurrence is that the vastly over hyped Ohio State Buckeyes finally found someone in their stellar schedule to do to them what was needed. Their schedule ranks at Number 100 of 119, and other notables: LSU at 50, Oregon at 51, Arizona State at 52, Missouri at 57, Oklahoma at 114, Kansas at 117, Boise State at 118 and Hawaii at 119, check it out HERE. I know, I know, most football folks knew that Ohio State was ranked about forty places too high, but finally someone did something about it. Thanks, Illini!

We lost three teams from the Top 20 in Michigan, Connecticut, and Auburn. We have ALWAYS known that Michigan was terrible, because they are Big 10, UConn is a basketball school and we knew they sucked because they are Big East, and I am not really surprised that Auburn dropped out because they got shellacked.

Ohio State dropped six slots because you can only be a Buckeye Homer for so long and remember last year's Championship game? We can't have that again or some folks might suggest a PLAYOFF series! BC only dropped nine places because we have to keep the white boys close, you know. Otherwise some folks might become suspicious and think that Blacks are better at sports than Whites!

And HERE are the predictions for the games next weekend according to the projections of Man, I can't stand that I won't be able to get the Duke-Catholics game in my area. That will be a rosary burnisher, there. And I am sure that the Catholics are SHOCKED to see they are favored by ALMOST 2 points on the early line.

Another big deal yesterday was the We Suck Bulldogs (SoS #11) reaming the Red Elephants of Alabama (SoS #18) and dealing the Bammers yet another loss at the hands of a Sylvester Croom coached team. You do know that Croom is Black and Saban is White, right? Y'all still want Jackie back, you racists? Okay, y'all probably do because you can't stand to have a Black coach. G-d forbid, they actually let a Black man coach a bowl bound team, which State most certainly is now. What do they think this is, Sudan? And another hoot is that there were six (6) voters on the AP and three (3) on the coaches poll that voted for Miss State to be in the Top 25. I am loving this, but I still am not on the bandwagon for State yet, because I am not stupid.

Anyhoo, you have been warned that we are going to have a big hairy stink at the end of the season, and I cannot wait. Man, I hope LSU plays Kansas in the Championship game, that will be a great game! My first prediction is LSU 896 Kansas 2. Just saying, but it would be closer than LSU v. Oregon.

UPDATE: In the comments, someone brought up the opinion that there was not too much difference between the SEC and the Big 10 (11) this year. It seems that there is much disagreement with that opinion HERE by some folks that might know a thing or two about college football. Just saying.