Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Okay, the Herd Needed Thinning!

At the risk of sounding completely heartless and cruel, thanks NYPD, you did your job and there is no need for another bad kid (if 18 is a "kid") to grow up to be a much worse adult. I would like to thank his mother for failing miserably at parenting as well. And after last night, your load has been somewhat lightened. Don't you just know that Al Sharpton is hanging around this woman?

This requires a little background, folks. You see, I am what is known in the 'hood as a big balla and I carry myself as such. When my deceased wife and I honeymooned in Palm Desert, California, (the golf courses rocked, baby) she decided that she wanted to go on to LA (not Lower Alabama) to see the city. I willingly agreed since I had never been out of the airport there and I knew that I would just be damned if I was going back out to LA. To me, it's like Dallas, really frigging big and spread out with too damn many folks living there. We stayed in the financial district at the Westin Bonaventure, made famous by that Clint Eastwood-John Malkovich vehicle, In the Line of Fire. There is nothing downtown, so we rolled through every damn neighborhood in LA, Compton, South Central, and even East LA. Weren't nothing to it after actually being west of the Viaduct in Jackson, Mississippi after dark. Just so you know, we went to Rodeo Drive and I didn't see one damn cowboy either, but I did see some assless chaps. Mann's Chinese Theater? Did it. The Pacific Coast Design Theater? Did it and got chased by security while filming the interiors. Those guys ran like they played in the PAC-10. They made me look like Herschel Walker. Of course, I was only 32 at the time. And for perspective, two weeks before the wedding, on the news, I watched some dudes rob a bank and walk down the street killing cops with fully automatic rifles. I was pumped to go. Plus we drove by O.J.'s Rockingham house. What a damn dump and you could smell UCLA from there, too. I had to throw my clothes away, the smell of a PAC-10 school cannot be washed out, y'all.

When she and I traveled to New York, same thing. I am small town Mississippi product and the only big city that I have ever liked is Chicago. Dunno why, just is. It could be that it was a stop on the underground railroad and I can get my kind of food there and listen to my kind of music too. Remember, if you were a Black blues man, you got the Hell up outta Mississippi, went to St. Louis and then on to Chicago to play our kind of stuff.

Anyhoo, she and I went to Harlem on the Red Apple and also jumped a train to Bed-Stuy. She was terrified. Me? Not so much. They are just punks and I have a death wish. Well, really Harlem was very nice compared to all the negative press. Bed-Stuy looked just like the little poor, rundown neighborhoods around here, just a much larger scale with the same deadbeat folks sitting on the stoop hollering profanity.

Now to the post.

To whom it may concern: If YOUR MAMA has to call the lawdogs out in the middle of the night on YOU, you might want to try to keep from telling the police to "Shoot me" while brandishing something in your hand. You know, police have been ridiculed by everyone so badly, that they try to comply with every one's wishes. Here's the story snipped from ABC News:

Khiel Coppin, 18, was "aggressive" and "moody," and a 911 call his mother made records the boy yelling "I got a gun! I got a gun!" investigators, who declined to be identified because they are not authorized to speak publicly, told ABC News.

Here's some of the notables that grew up in Bed-Stuy: Big Daddy Kane, Busta Rhymes, Lil' Kim, Fabolous *sic*, Homicide, The Notorious B.I.G. and last but not least, Juan Williams. Understand that Juan is probably the most dangerous of all these folks because he actually can vote, he has no felony record and is still alive,like that really matters when you are a Liberal. Oh well, you get the gist. It is a gangland slayville over there after dark so I am guessing that when you work as a police officer, you probably are a little jumpy because you might want to live through your shift. Racist!

I don't know about you, but if I am faced with a dude that's MAMA called the cops on him, I'm thinking that as a cop, I might be a little cautious where he is concerned. HIS MAMA! And when he is screaming "I got a gun!", I might have a tendency to believe his stupid ass. And when he raises what turns out to be a hairbrush in the dark, I might have a tendency to unload my weapon into his stupid ass. As a matter of fact, I might still be standing over his stupid ass right now, dry firing my weapon. My body is a temple and G_d gave it to me to use for a time, I am honoring G_d by taking the best care of it that I can. I guess that includes some dude brushing my hair in Bed-Stuy or trying to shoot me, too.

Go HERE to see my search. Five of the articles out of sixteen headlines, DO NOT have the words "hairbrush" or "brush." If I am the officer on the scene, if someone is screaming at me and his MAMA called 911 on his stupid ass, the only thing in his hand better be a big, inflatable stuffed animal with a neon-blinking shirt that reads, "I heart the police! Please don't shoot me, I am unarmed and will comply with every last thing that you tell me to do." and you will put it down very slowly, back away with your hands raised, and then lay face down on the ground with your fingers laced behind your head.

We now have our next Jena 6 story, folks! Let's get on those crooked cops that killed someone that was just wanting to brush their hair!

New Development: My link nows includes 26 articles and the news items are saying this dead guy was tweaked in the melon, oh Hell, that changes everything! And Al Sharpton IS on the scene. Glory be, he'll save the day!

Footnote about something totally unrelated: Bean and everyone less important, HERE's an article about the AF Academy needing Black players to speed their team up a little. I laughed out loud when I saw the headline. And I guess that I am a little late to the "Black Players are Better than White Players Party." RACISTS!