Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Retro Ev

My buddy, Ev, just returned from his first-anniversary trip to Italy and sent me this photo of him and some of his swarthy Italian friends, that he visits there, just hanging out. (No pun intended.)

Ev talked me into attending the Miss State game against Georgia where I met Bean, so we have him to thank for that. Of course, I was the one that got the box seats, but only two for three folks. Bean let us slide, though it WAS because she was digging me. And I almost wound up having to get my damn stomach pumped because of the alcohol poisoning. Damn tailgating.

Happy Anniversary Ev and Shannon, many more to you. Oh and congrats on the successful spawning, too. I see the diagrams helped, Ev.

*Click the photo to see it big!*

UPDATE: For some reason, this photo just keeps pulling me back to it. I know that is teh gey, but I keep hearing this little voice, well one of those movie announcer voices going, "I am Georgia Man!" Wonder what his special power would be? Probably getting a four-wheel drive truck unstuck with his mind or something like that.

Ooo, ooo, and his sidekicks, The Warren Beattys can be famous for no other reason than Carly Simon singing that damn song and monumentally bad movies. Get that out of your head, now.

(Original image stolen from HERE.)