Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Vote Me Up A President - Part II

Since this is an equal opportunity blog, everyone gets a say. I rarely edit any content that someone posts, Hell I never have except for my friends that misspell something. And I also try to make myself conversant in both sides of issues because I like to debate and if the person that I am debating shares my opinion, I switch gears and advocate the other side. That's because I am a jerk.

This is my post for the correct candidate for the Democrat Party and their platform. No, it ain't Barry or Hillary, or Hell, even Kucinich, it is the best candidate to carry through with exactly what the Democrat Party pushes and vehemently advocates. This man lives everything that the platform will accomplish if implemented.

MIKE GRAVEL!!!!! People, if you are "progressive" this is the guy for you, there is no replacement for his qualifications on any damn issue at all. The only question that I have is "Why have y'all not pushed this guy to the front?" He is you and now I am going to introduce you to yourself.

Gravel ended the draft single-handedly by himself with no help at all from anyone else while serving as a Senator from Alaska. He is the reason that young men no longer have to do any military service at all. He is your champion on that hating of the military. Furthermore, he advocates ONLY homosexuals serving in the military because you fight, fight, fight for your partner. His quote: "When Clinton got to be President, well, the first he's doing is standing there on two legs waffling back and forth, oh, don't tell us you're gay. What are you talking about? If you had any knowledge of history, ancient history, in Sparta they encouraged homosexuality because they fight for the people they love. And if it's your partner and you love them, you're prepared to die for them, and that's the same ethic you see in the military today. It's not the country. It's my partner. Go see the movies on war, and it's always the person next to me who is in my foxhole with me. Well, I got to tell you, extend that a little further and you'll see why the Spartans trained their people to be homosexuals, because they're better fighters." Well, okay, that was a very well thought out opinion, WTF? and on to the next issue, Iraq......

His quote: "The Iraq War was lost the day that George Bush invaded Iraq on a fraudulent basis." He has also said that Congress should pass a bill requiring the President to withdraw on pain of criminal charges. I have no idea what that really means, but aren't you loving your candidate? This guy is you. And he actually uses the terminology "military-industrial complex!" He's looking better and better because of the honesty factor, huh? And our military would all be home in 120 days. AWESOME!

Oh Hell, this is going take forever. Let's go to the bullets. Not literally, he's FOR gun control.

  • Defense of Marriage Act-against it
  • Gay Marriage-for it
  • Amnesty for Illegals- for it
  • Availability of Internet porn for minors-for it
  • Legalization of all drugs-for it
  • Abortion-for it
  • Socialized Medicine-for it
  • Guaranteed Wage of $5000.00 a year for not even working-for it
  • Initiative on Federal Election Ballots-for it
  • Withdrawal of Military from Iraq-for it
  • Impeachment of President Bush-for it
  • Massive Changes in Habits to Reduce Global Warming-for it
  • Carbon Taxing-for it
  • Social Security with Federal Dollars and NO CONTRIBUTION AT ALL FROM RECIPIENTS-for it
  • Child and/or Animal Porn-for it
  • National Sales tax at 23% with Reimbursement to Poor Folks-for it
All-in-all, he is FOR everything and against only one thing, heterosexual marriage. And from all accounts, this guy is straight, divorced and remarried. He has a Myspace page, a Facebook page and he can be digged! This guy should be on the sexual predator list, but that IS what you want in a candidate, Mr. Democrat.

Now, for his accomplishments. He served in the Alaska House from 1963-1966 and was an Alaska Senator from 1969-1981, where he served on the "Hey Boy, Go Get Me A Donut" Subcommittee of the "Ain't She Got Nice Legs?" Committee.

His claim to fame was when he threw some Pentagon Papers on Vietnam into the record of his Building and Grounds Subcommittee Report and that was seized upon by none other than Howard Zinn and Noam Chomsky and annotated for the Far-Far Leftist Revisionist History books.

To date, our boy is the very last Democrat to represent Alaska in Washington. Hmmmmm. That's odd. Wonder why?

In 1989, Mike founded The Democracy Foundation which advocates direct democracy, kinda like what Athens had back in the day. Call the office and get this recording; "This is Mike Gravel, receptionist, for Mike Gravel, accounting, press 1, for Mike Gravel, public relations, press 1, for Mike Gravel, shipping, press 1, ......

As far as his handling of his own damn financial affairs, he is great at it. He filed for bankruptcy in 2004 and as late as 2007, he declared absolutely NO NET WORTH! He should be President so he can eat, y'all.

Now, all you have to do is get every other candidate to drop out of the race, because this guy is even trailing Dennis Kucinich. And you know damn well that he is the only candidate that has the guts to say what he believes. And what you believe, too.