Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Define: Taken Out of Context

This search has led quite of few people to this blog, so in the attempt to rid this planet of stupid people, I shall define: taken out of context. This simply means that someone, usually the media, snips part of your quote out of the body of your total speech or statement, rendering its meaning completely different than its original intent. Since the full statement isn't given, the meaning could point toward anything. Usually this is done when a Republican says something in a speech that makes complete sense and people start thinking that Democrats ARE morons, but you can pull a few words out and it is messed up. Therefore the media has to try to stem the conversion of people from the moron party to the party of successful people.

Look HERE. I was sent a link to this yesterday. I thought that it was funny as Hell. Just yesterday, the item for sale was a "White Power Jersey." Today the name has been changed. And dammit, I didn't get a screen shot. Damn me, damn me to Hell.

Another example that came up just this morning when Bean and I were talking about Mississippi's junior Senator Trent Lott resigning, is that statement that he made regarding Strom Thurmond and that things would be better if the 1948 States Rights Party (Dixiecrats) nominee would have been elected President. His complete statement referred to the FACT that we would have much, much a less bloated Federal government and THAT damn sure would be good. However, the media took the statement "out of its context" and people ascertained that Trent was saying that Blacks would have been kept in their place because all of those DEMOCRATS that left their party and formed the States Rights Party hated Blacks. See?

Side note: The racists that left the Democrat Party went right back to the Democrat Party when the Dixiecrats disbanded. Of 51 folks, 48 returned. Democrats still hate Black people, even today. That's why a former Klan Kleagle is the conscience of the Democrat Party. Robert Asshat Byrd-Dumbass WV in case you didn't know.

And just to show you that the quality of this blog has risen exponentially since its inception, HERE is the article that grabs the folks looking for "taken out of context." And also, because most of you are too damn lazy to click my links, the article is reprinted below. I think that my acerbic wit has been as sufficiently honed as well as my mixed metaphors.

Taken Out of Context 5 October 2005

This past week William Bennett said something on his radio show that upset some people. Immediately the Left pulled the quote out of the context to try to make Bennett look like a racist. That is par for the course, but let's look at the bigger picture.

Even out of context, IT'S TRUE!

Simple intelligence tells a person that if you kill everyone, there will be no crime. Why did Bennett chose Black babies in his comment? Could it be that Black folks commit crimes at a higher rate than all other people in this country? Yep, I know that hurts, but it is true. I am not making a character judgment here, there are plenty of factors that add up to produce that fact.

Let's scratch the surface here. Poverty is perpetuated by all the tactics that have been tried to relieve poverty. The old mantra is "Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day, teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime." Am I the only person in this country that understands this? This does not simply apply to fish, Gomer.

In the United States of America, we have made giant strides to cripple the Black community since the late 1950's. Is it odd that this coincides with the beginning on the "War on Poverty"? In the United States there exist some people who hate the poor; these people are known as "Liberals". There are also some people here that think these "Liberals" mean well; we call those people, "Idiots". Anyone that believes that our "War on Poverty" is going well fall in the latter category.

As far as Bennett is concerned, it is probably not smart to speak while Republican, but I have another suggestion. The Left needs to start listening to the intelligent people, like Bennett. I know that you have a masters degree in 15th Century poetry, Moonbeam, but that doesn't mean that you are smart, that means that you are a dumbass. Oh, and put a damn bra on, you're making us all pretty damn sick.

Furthermore, if you want terrorism to drop exponentially, abort all Muslim babies.