Friday, December 21, 2007

Addendum to Global Warming Post Below

I provided a link that went to the Environment and Public Works Senate Subcommittee webpage. On this webpage, there is a letter from the top climate scientists in the world telling our Senate that every single thing that is being published about "Catastrophic Climate Change" is horseshit. This letter was delivered December 13, 2007. It should be front page news and there should be an outcry from every single Senator that, from this point forward, Al Gore and the "Sky is Falling" crowd are banned from making any public statements and that we will never address global warming again, well at least until it happens.

Instead, it is business as usual. As a matter of fact, there has been no one, that I have heard, even mention this letter. And there is even a "raise your hand" question at a Presidential debate after the fact where no candidate went, "You know, really ugly librarian woman, the Senate has before them a letter signed by 100 of the most eminent scientists that have spent their lives studying the climate and all agree that this screeching from the morons is stupid. Next question."

Just so you know, because just damn, you can't actually click through to the damn link, the overall temperature change SINCE RECORDS have been kept, is 0.4 degrees Celsius.** And again, there has been NO DISCERNIBLE TEMPERATURE CHANGE IN THE LAST NINE YEARS!! Nine years ago, there might have been, but that was nine years ago. (Yes, I do realize that nine years is but a drop in the ol' bucket when talking about the length of time that the Earth has been around, but I am saying that no one has gone, "Well, shit, it stopped nine years ago, maybe this is exactly like when we were screaming in the 1970's that we were all going to freeze. We are morons. Let's go play Frisbee on the freeway!")

If, really big if, there was any temperature change at all, then we have passed the time to address it, because it stopped happening nine years ago. So, it wasn't George Bush that had anything to do with it, he stopped it from happening. Global Warming was so scared of W, that Global Warming took his ball and went home.

**What this statement means is that, yes, there has been fluctuations in the temp of the planet, however, since we were able to write down stuff, say on April 30, 1850 which to spot a temp, 20 degrees Celsius, the TOTAL temperature change is 0.4 C, so for youses that do not know Celsius, that is the difference between 68 degrees and 68.72. There is LITERALLY no difference, it is so much within the margin of error that most scientists would just pop a tab and watch Discovery Channel, plus then treat it like MST3000. Picture that.