Thursday, December 20, 2007

Captain Obvious Reports! Global Warming!

I am attempting to find a President for this country, I will let you know when I do, so far, nothing. I have searched the issues that are at the top of my list and this is on GLOBAL WARMING (new term is Climate Change, but we know what that is about) or the lack thereof. From a Google search, I was directed to the United States Senate Committee of Environment and Public Works, Barbara Boxer-Chairasshole. Please read this post aloud in the damn loudest voice that you can muster without rupturing something. Trust me, that is how it is written.

I think that pretty much all thinking people can agree, the Earth does NOT maintain a consistent temperature. Agree? Good. I think that all thinking people can agree that Al Gore is a blithering moron. Agree? Good.

Now, can anyone tell me why we have not heard about the over 400 scientists that testified to the UN Panel on Holy-Shit-The-Earth-Is-Boiling-Up! that there was NO MAN-MADE GLOBAL WARMING!?!?!? And then 100 of those damn 400 sent a damn letter to our own friggin' Congress trying to get them to keep from being stupid and rash?

Scientists from Germany, Brazil, the Netherlands, Russia, New Zealand, and France all banded together and tried to get the UN to keep from doing irreparable damage to the world's economy by trying to do stupid things, like change the damn climate of the Earth. HERE is the text on the DAMN United States Senate Committee of Environment and Public Works OWN DAMN WEBPAGE!

Before you go all, "Yeah, that is just a few of the stupid scientists!!!11!!" here is a list of some of them, moron.

Dr. Antonio Zichichi, president of the World Federation of Scientists
Dr. Reid Bryson, dubbed the "Father of Meteorology"
Atmospheric pioneer Dr. Hendrik Tennekes, formerly of the Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute
Award winning physicist Dr. Syun-Ichi Akasofu of the International Arctic Research Center, who has twice named one of the "1000 Most Cited Scientists"
Award winning MIT atmospheric scientist Dr. Richard Lindzen
UN IPCC scientist Dr. Vincent Gray of New Zealand
French climatologist Dr. Marcel Leroux of the University Jean Moulin
World authority on sea level Dr. Nils-Axel Morner of Stockholm University
Physicist Dr. Freeman Dyson of Princeton University
Physicist Dr. Zbigniew Jaworowski, chairman of the Scientific Council of Central Laboratory for Radiological Protection in Poland
Paleoclimatologist Dr. Robert M. Carter of Australia
Former UN IPCC reviewer Geologist/Geochemist Dr. Tom V. Segalstad, head of the Geological Museum in Norway
Dr. Edward J. Wegman, of the U.S. National Academy of Sciences

It's the damn first string, hoss.

Because most people are too damn lazy (sorry, I'm pissed) to even click through to links, and therefore never know that I am linking our own damn government's webpages and the like, here's the damn bullet points of the damn letter that we have never heard about:

*Recent observations of phenomena such as glacial retreats, sea-level rise and the migration of temperature-sensitive species are not evidence for abnormal climate change, for none of these changes has been shown to lie outside the bounds of known natural variability. (This is perfectly normal.)

*The average rate of warming of 0.1 to 0. 2 degrees Celsius per decade recorded by satellites during the late 20th century falls within known natural rates of warming and cooling over the last 10,000 years. (It's been happening a long time.)

*Leading scientists, including some senior IPCC representatives, acknowledge that today's computer models cannot predict climate. Consistent with this, and despite computer projections of temperature rises, there has been no net global warming since 1998. That the current temperature plateau follows a late 20th-century period of warming is consistent with the continuation today of natural multi-decadal or millennial climate cycling. (It hasn't happened in the last nine years!)

Let me translate these statements that are on the damn record in our damn Congress: There is no damn problem, you stupid friggin' morons. It is the damn same as it has been for the last damn 10,000 years, you idiots. You can ruin the entire damn planet if you listen to other idiots like Al Gore, who are oddly enough, even more stupid than you are, imbeciles. Blow me.