Thursday, December 20, 2007

Just So You Know

I think that we can all agree that Hillary Clinton sets a new standard for sleaze, but can anyone tell me exactly how her name appears 301 times in the Omnibus Spending Bill when she is never on Capitol Hill? That seems odd to me. And only two Senators names appear more often than her's, Schumer and Patty Murray.

Can anyone tell me why she has ear-marked 2.6 million dollars in that bill for The National Center on Education and the Economy, to be awarded within 30 days on the bill's enactment, for a non-bid contract? And the Center's director is none other than Marc Tucker, a contributor to Clinton's campaign that has maxed his corporate and individual contributions to a candidate, namely Clinton.

Call me cynical, but this appears to be a retribution to Tucker, who appears to have bought a favor from Clinton, which would be basically stealing with Hillary's help. Just saying.

Oh, you are going to vote for her? Damn, I wish that you would get a job instead of taking my damn money.