Monday, December 03, 2007

And I Will Answer

Ah, yes, another bigoted person seeks information from the Holy Grail of hate sites. Welcome, oh person filled with hate, ask your question. "Gey" members of Congress, oh yes, I know many, but you did say "openly gey," that narrows our search somewhat.

Let's see, there's Barney Frank (Dumbass-MA) and Tammy Baldwin (Dumbass-WI) that are openly "gey." The ones that are still trying to keep it bottled up are the White males that are Democrats, every single one of them in Congress and out of Congress. You can tell them by the Birkenstocks and the bitter hatred of freedom. That should be easy to spot for you. Of course there are a few that I am pretty sure that are "gey" in the party of the intelligent people, too, but maybe not so openly "gey." They might hunt or something or even go to NASCAR events, but still you need to be suspicious if they are talking about voting for Ron Paul.

And do you really think that it is enough to just hate on "geys?" Why not Muslims, too? Because then you can hate Keith Ellison (Dumbass-MN). Yeah, he's the only one. You would think that Chaka Fattah (Dumbass-PA) would be Muslim, too, but you would be wrong, but he is dark-skinned and Baptist, so you could hate on him for those traits.

Man, you are really ignoring the biggest group to hate on with not Googling the Hispanics, damn there's a ton of those. You can't hit at a pinata without swatting a damn Hispanic Congressman, Hell, there's even one of "them" running for President right now.

Damn, you can even hate on guys named "Rush", with Rush Holt (Dumbass-NJ).

Or what about Black Senators? Well, there's ONLY Barrack Obama (Dumbass-IL) and you have to worship him, because he is anointed, you know. Damn you if you hate on Barrack. Plus, you would be hard pressed to find him at the Capitol, because he is just another one of those Democrat Senators that gets elected as a Senator and then spends the next six years getting paid as a Senator and running for President without resigning their seat. John McCain is the only Republican that is breaking that little ethical thing. Yes, he is a stupid turd, too.

Do know this, if you want to hate on people just because they are stupid and basically unemployable, you have 435 members of the House of Representatives from which to choose and 100 Senators. Happy hunting!

Oh well, this post wasn't as fun as I thought it would be. Bigotry is getting harder for me. I'm going all "George Wallace in his later years." I'm off to read something about Robert Byrd (Klansman-WV) and try to get motivated to hate again.

I started this post with a tongue-in-cheek mentality, which I maintain all the time. This was my first search because I was going to simply list all the Democrats in Congress as being "gey." This search made me change my mind.

Footnote: Bean and I got into a debate when she made a reference to Tom Cruise's "wife." I did not believe her so I had to actually search for information on Tom Cruise. Don't worry, I did a masked search so no one would know that I was looking for that and start sending me the "gey" spam mail. Anyhoo, Bean believes that he is straight and I KNOW that he is not. Please comment on this, folks. And yes, he is legally married, Bean, but she is like one foot taller than him and never wears pants. I am thinking that "she" does it to hide "her" junk.