Monday, December 03, 2007

The Sheeple Have Spoken!

Uh, Bean actually asked me to stir the stick in the racism sh*t bucket this morning, and I will just be damned if gnutcase didn't e-mail me a link to THIS article five minutes later. I do hope y'all know better than actually requesting or feeding me this kinda stuff, but y'all asked for it and provided it with the full knowledge that I would do this.

Yes, it is about the Jena 6 and the lead thug, Mychal Bell. It's the criminal case that would not die. I wrote on this nonsense HERE. From the article, he is going to appear in court on the FELONY charges of his violent assault on Justin somebody, who is White and who's color is completely irrelevant. In all actuality, Bell is going to plead guilty to a misdemeanor to avoid another trial. I have no idea if that is because Bell doesn't want to go to prison for 22 years, which is his sentence, or the prosecutor wants to keep another sh*t storm from going down in Jena. I would guess the latter and that the lawdogs will ride this guy's ass like a rented mule from this point forward.

Alright, let's contemplate this crap for a minute and see what shakes out. Mychal Bell is a FOUR TIME convicted violent JUVENILE. This presents a huge problem for me, number one, because juvenile records are sealed to protect "children" so you cannot really find the particulars of his violent past. Coupled with the fact that this guy is good at sports, so his WHITE coaches cover up for him to keep him in the game, makes it especially hard to actually get this violent criminal off the streets. Add into that the drama produced by the overwhelmingly asinine actions of two of the biggest race hucksters ever to live, Al and Jesse, and you have one big stupendous cluster something.

Now, let's take a gander at the big picture. There is a move underfoot in this country to reduce violent crime. This crime occurs for the most part in poorer neighborhoods, (and the metro areas with very tight gun-control laws) which include some areas that are majority Black. The fact of the matter is that Black-on-Black crime is rampant in the poorer areas. And here, we have a violent BLACK criminal that has been CONVICTED four times and we shall march to have him acquitted. Logic gets wounded in a drive-by.

There appears to be a contradiction here in the "thought" processes of some racist and/or stupid people. Either you want to reduce crime or you don't. Maybe you just want White criminals arrested and convicted. Does this overwhelming support for the actions of a violent criminal make the protesters stupid or racist? Is it okay to allow a violent Black criminal to roam the neighborhood, attacking at will, just because he is Black? Do you think that he will always prey on White people? Or has he attacked Black people too and we just can't find out about it because of his "juvenile" record?

*snip from article linked above*

Critics said prosecutors have treated blacks more harshly than whites in LaSalle Parish, pointing to an incident three months before the attack on Barker in which three white teens were accused of hanging nooses from a tree at the high school. The three were suspended from school but never criminally charged.

Math: Hanging nooses from tree = Six people viciously assaulting one person.

And in a related story, also from gnutcase, Rodney King, the perennial victim of racism got BLASTED on last week while riding his bicycle. Shocker: He was drunk. Racists!

Note: I stole the image above from somewhere and modified it. The site was so absolutely stupid that I immediately tried to remove it from my recollection, sorry, Mr./Mrs. Stupid Idiot. If you are the owner of said image, let me know and I will give you credit for hating Rush Limbaugh and being a Leftist moron.