Friday, December 28, 2007

Aw Crap, More New Orleans Garbage

Yes, that Hurricane Katrina crap with the "racism" at the City Council Meeting last week picked my Katrina scab off and now the bleeding will not stop. To get my blood boiling, I went over to Huffpo to read the stupidity regarding all this crap. I was successful.

In the major news outlets we keep hearing about the "Big Corporations" kicking these poor, helpless Black folks from their homes. Who in Hell is responsible, it's the mean, evil, racist Republicans. Well, not exactly.

New Orleans City Council:
  • Arnie Fielkow, President - White Democrat
  • Jackie Clarkson, Vice-President - White Democrat
  • Shelley Midura - White Democrat
  • Stacey Head - White Democrat
  • James Carter -Black Democrat
  • Cynthia Hedge-Morrell - Black Democrat
  • Cynthia Willard-Lewis - White-looking Black Democrat

The hyphenated crap just looks silly, by the way. And go look at Williard-Lewis, man she is just one step away from being a house Knee-grow.

Okay, so the Council are not Republicans, it must be the Mayor. Dammit, you know that Ray Nagin is a Black Democrat. So it must be the governor. Kathleen Blanco is a White Democrat. And the Lieutenant Governor is Mitch Landrieu-White Democrat. Also, Mitch is the brother of the White Democrat Senator Mary Landrieu and the other brother of one of the contractors of the levees around New Orleans.

So it must be the State House that is run by Republicans. Representatives: 60-Democrats, 44-Republicans, 1-Independent by my count. Senate: 24-Democrats, 15-Republicans

Federal elected officials are five Republican Congressmen and two Democrats. Louisiana has one Democrat Senator (whose brother was one of the contractors on one of the levees that failed in New Orleans) and one Republican Senator.

So, we see clearly that it must have been the Republicans that are in the pocket of "Big Business" that brought down the City of New Orleans and those poor people's ancestral homes. Oh, I am sorry, these houses and apartments are NOT owned by these people that are complaining.

What do the owners of these buildings want? Well, that is kinda why the issue has been raised in the first place. The owners want to rebuild newer mixed income housing that will STILL be government subsidized. I just have no damn clue what this is about at all. I guess morons just need to bitch about something.

Now, you have to understand that ZERO things are mutually exclusive. If this situation is racism, then Democrats are racist. If this thing is "Big Corporations" then Democrats are "Big Corporations." If this thing is incompetence, then it's the Democrats. So, pick something to bitch about and start calling the Democrats on it. Otherwise, please sit down, enjoy your free cable, big screen television, and free housing, food and every other thing that you have been given for sitting on your fat ass, and shut the Hell up. Please let us people that are actually paying for everything that you have been given deliver it as quickly as we can.

There are sure a damn bunch of you, remember you would have better free stuff, all to yourself, if you would quit spawning. Assholes.