Friday, December 28, 2007

What I Can't Find in the Constitution

Having only read our great country's Constitution a minimum of 3.5 million times, I just don't have that much knowledge about it. I simply cannot find anything in that document regarding these items among many others:
  1. Housing, except that the military can't demand it from a citizen in peace time
  2. Killing children that are yet to be born
  3. Free food
  4. Education, including but not limited to Universal Pre-K - except that it is specifically NOT the business of the Federal gummint
  5. Wind insurance for anyone, including Rep. Gene Taylor (Dumbass-MS)
  6. Marriage - Normal or weirdo
  7. Minimum wage or guaranteed wage
  8. Healthcare
  9. Free Stuff for criminals including people that committed crimes to be in this country
  10. Protection of animals - not humanoid, but furry
  11. Giving money for nothing to other countries
  12. Baseball
  13. Tearing down religious stuff on State's property

Just about everything that Congress debates and subsequently passes is against the wishes of our founding fathers and our Constitution. Add your objections in the comments. I mean it, comment on this damn post.