Friday, December 28, 2007

No Need to Vote for Obama

Good news folks, the fighting that has been going on since the dawn of time in Congo, has now been STOPPED because they are afraid that Barry Obama will get elected and try to help them. I am so glad that Bean called Barry out on that, I think that she saved the people in the Congo all by her lonesome.

Furthermore, Barry seems to think that it is HE that can tell Israel whether or not they can be Jewish. Remember, Barry is a moron.

Money Shot: "The Palestinians would have to reinterpret the notion of right of return in a way that would preserve Israel as a Jewish state. It might involve compensation and other concessions from the Israelis but ultimately Israel is not going to give up its state." Damn, you think? But, maybe Barry will FORCE Israel to give some money to the murdering Palestinians, again, because he is a moron that thinks that he is running for President of the World. Folks as stupid as Barry are dangerous.

Remember the fighting was so fierce in the Congo during the Sixties, that Warren Zevon (PBUH) sat down and wrote this song for Jimmy Pete.

Awwww, what the Hell, here's another for Jimmy Pete.