Thursday, December 27, 2007

Captain Obvious Reports - Pakistani Unrest

Shocker! A woman that was running for an elected office in a Muslim country was killed. Okay.

Do know that the official name of the damn place is THE Islamic Republic of Pakistan. Do I need to make this any damn clearer? Okay, she had a vagina and didn't cover her damn body, did you expect those peaceful Muslims to act any other way? You did? Then you my friend are a moron.

Religion of Peace, my ass. Islam means death.

Here, I will rewrite Bush's statement to reflect intelligence: "As usual, those violent Muslims have killed someone because they are too stupid to try to attempt to elevate their people past the point of barbarian lifestyles. Muslims are so sand-poundingly stupid and violent that we need to exterminate anyone that practices this "religion" of hate and killing. I shall not stop attacking this "religion" until it is dead and buried. I will make it as if it never existed. If there is anyone that is affiliated with Islam that doesn't want to be killed by our military, I would suggest you denounce that hate-filled cult, post-haste. The nukes are ready to fly to Mecca, tomorrow. Anyone that doesn't want to die better leave NOW, because tomorrow, the headquarters of this killing group will be a glass parking lot. That is all."

Oh, I am sorry that Bhutto was killed, she should have stayed out of the damn Muslim country, while having a vagina and wanting to open her mouth to speak.

I wonder if any single Muslim on the face of the Earth will condemn this slaughter of innocent people? Do not count on it.

UPDATE: This is a short little excerpt to say this; if anyone thought that Bhutto was the last chance to save Pakistan, they would be wrong. In case you didn't know this, Bhutto was run out of Pakistan because of corruption in her cabinet, TWICE! She has been accused by Pakistan, Britain, as well as Switzerland of corruption and she was the "hope" of these people?

Also, her husband has an itchy little problem with having ordered the murder of her brother and six other people. He has only spent eight and a half years in jail for drug running. Do these folks seem like someone you would even let into your country, much less to run the damn thing?
The martyred "Savior" of Pakistan was a long time crook and her husband is a murderer. How nice.

UPDATE II: There are suggestions in the Captain Obvious media today that the murderer of the people at this rally was affiliated with Al Qaeda. By that they mean "Muslim." Just so you know.