Friday, December 14, 2007

Blah. Teh Gey.

Well, we are almost at the end of our sports year until spring training starts for baseball. I am all projecting and depressed, I am sooooo emotional. Only a month and a half of football left. Oh, here's a poll.

Please determine on a scale from "I want to assasinate the inventor of basketball." to the "I can't wait until they remove any basketball reference from all of history." exactly how bad YOU hate basketball and wish that it would be outlawed and you would never be subjected to ever hearing about another player of that stupid game.

Just so you know, I love me some basketball, it takes so much skill and agility for a seven footer to put a ball in a hoop set at ten feet. Oooooooo, and they have to shoot from a line while not a damn person gets in their way and they can't do that either. The fact that there are no professional ballas that regularly shoot free throws at 90% dumbfounds me. I would almost rather watch women's soccer. Well, no I wouldn't, but almost.

Basketball's Main LINK.