Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Here's Our Boy

A FRIEND of mine e-mailed to ask if I had seen this three minute Mike Gravel video. I immediately dropped everything and searched. This portrays the extent of the stupidity of the people that are running for the most powerful office on the planet. The fact that this guy can actually qualify to run for President keeps me up at night. Be afraid.

(Excerpt from an ongoing e-mail thread)

Me: Can you please tell me just what in the Hell that Gravel video meant? I like to regard myself as a pretty smart guy, but words escape me. NOTHING comes to mind at all. And I mean N-O-T-H-I-N-G. Any ideas at all?

Tom: Let me put on my Wonka cap, feed the monkey some LSD, and hit my head for a while...

Gravel is a Zen master. Like Mumon, he is fooling you into looking at the man and not the disturbing stare. Look at the stare and not at the slight indications that he will speak. The rock is reality and the pond is the veil of illusion. Gravel, with the sparse asceticism of a warrior monk, is telling us that as president he will slice through the veil of maya and slice the Buddha where he stands.

Or, Gravel is the lone survivor of a lost race of ancient man-beagles. Lacking human vocal chords, he is portraying the last days of his glorious civilization before a comet destroyed it.

Or, Gravel is a dada artist trying to make a point that semiotic interpretation is imposed by the audience independantly of the creator of the text, who for all intents and purposes may as well and with equal meaning throw dice to determine how to arrange a composition.

Or, Gravel is nuttier than Kucinich and Ron Paul combined.

Me: I'm posting your explanation unless you forbid it.

Tom: I wouldn't have a blog if I weren't an attention whore.

My comments. There are actually people that will vote for this guy. There are actually people that will vote that have never read our Constitution. There are actually people that think that our government is supposed to provide us with housing, medical coverage, mail services, food, jobs, support for our children, cars, televisions, and internet service.

Those people are wrong.