Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Idiots Control the World

That search is a left-over from my comments on Yolanda Young's article in USA Today that got sent around to every single person that has e-mail. "Oh, Two Dogs, you HAVE to read this." Yeah, I read it and it ruined my day that someone could be so damn stupid. How the Hell did she grip a pencil to write this tripe with her troglodyte hands? Read the original article HERE. Click the colored "HERE" to go to the article. Hurry back and we'll pick this up as soon as you are finished. It's kinda important that you allow the brutal logic of my responses to open your damn mind for minute so you can read this next post for what it is. And know that I found out later that she misrepresented just about every bit of the data contained in the study. Noooooooo!

Ready? Here we go.

Shocker! HERE is another one of these articles that is completely off the reservation regarding race and crime. This article is from the San Francisco Chronicle regarding jailing Blacks at a higher rate for drug crimes than Whites. This article is based on data compiled by the Justice Policy Institute. Also know that the mission of the JPI is to reduce incarceration by any means. They fail to offer the ultimate solution, MAKE EVERYTHING LEGAL!

Our country has reached a tipping point, folks. Deny it at your own peril. We have finally reached the plateau of intelligent people, we are the minuscule minority*, and the morons have absolutely taken control of virtually all government positions and media outlets. The fact that our elected representatives are re-elected at an alarming rate and nothing ever changes to save ME money, lends further proof to the fact that WE are getting dumber, too.

Disclaimer: I am including Republicans and Democrats in the mix of elected officials, you friggin' Leftists. Shut up.

This study attempts to manipulate statistical data to show that there is blatant racism going on in our legal system. Remember back in the early 1990's when drug crimes were rampant and normal people wanted something done about it? Well, these are the results that you receive when you pass legislation. There is ALWAYS some fallout. You passed sentencing guidelines to FORCE judges to REQUIRE jail time for drug crimes. There is no racism here, look away folks. It is the Blacks that use and sell drugs at a higher rate than Whites, who drink and get DUI's, therefore they get arrested at a higher rate. IT'S MATH, DAMMIT! Wait, never mind, our public schools are so inept, they cannot even teach American History, much less ciphering.

Please try to wrap your head around this. We have a court, The Ninth Circuit Appeals Court, the judges which are actually paid with your tax-money, that is overturned at a rate higher than 75%. That means that every single thing that they did regarding an overturned case was a complete waste of your tax money. Yes, you attorney-types, there could be one thing that they pick up on that is of some use, but even a moron gets laid occasionally. I'm guessing from the budget numbers for Appellate Courts that I can actually find, that their budget is somewhere in the neighborhood of $380,000,000 a year. THEY WASTE 285 MILLION DOLLARS A DAMN YEAR! We could jail almost 5000 prisoners at $60,000 each, for that price.


HERE's another ridiculous article regarding incarceration that brings more stupidity into my life. This article tries to make the claim that if you jail a whole bunch of people in the neighborhood, crime MIGHT actually go up! The only way in Hell that could happen is if you jailed the law-abiding citizens because the criminal element will NEVER call the lawdogs on themselves. Please, fat people are starving? These are the people that give you the news.

All I'm saying is that our country is going to crash and burn if you continue to vote for the stupid people, coupled with the fact that the smart people are not going to run for office. Yeah, tell me all about how great your candidate is. You know that if he/she/ambiguous other had any possibility of making as much money in the private sector as they will as an elected official, they wouldn't run for office either.

So, who to vote for? Whoever says that they will spend their entire term in office trying to undo two hundred years of stupidity. Reagan was the last of a long-dead breed, peeps. If any candidate says one thing about spending money other than protecting our borders, arming our military, and enforcing our Constitution, DO NOT vote for them.

*You must have some semblance of intelligence to read this blog. Not much, but enough to keep from hurting yourself with a bow and arrow. I can only come up with tripping and falling on said bow and arrow, so that doesn't count. I mean like actually shooting yourself with them.