Saturday, December 01, 2007

The NCF Championship

UPDATE! (7:00PM CST) : LSU has WON the College Football National Championship Game over Tennessee 21-14! Congrats on your first place finish, LSU! Now bring on the silly season and the bowl games. Final College Football Rankings listed below.

Well, today is the day that we find out exactly which college team is the National Champion. Yes, there are more games after today what with bowls coming up, but remember, the winner of the LSU-Tennessee game IS the NCAA D-I Champion. I am so excited because my alma mater wound up at NUMBER SEVEN(7)! in the country after I was thinking that they would finish at or near the bottom of the National Rankings.

UPDATE: Here's the FINAL College Football Rankings:
1. LSU
2. Georgia
3. Tennessee
4. Florida
5. Auburn
6. Arkansas
7. Mississippi State
8. Alabama
9. Kentucky
10. South Carolina
11. Vanderbilt
12. Ole Miss

College Football Championship Game FINAL: LSU 21 Tennessee 14

(UPDATED 2 Dec 2007 @ 2:46am CST) Let's look at the other match-ups from the much, much, much lesser Conferences for today and from earlier this week: (Updated throughout the day!)

Final Scores of Second Tier Schools
Miami (OH) 10 at Central Michigan 35 (final, MAC Championship)
Fresno State 30 New Mexico State 23 (final, JUCO ball)
Louisville 41 Rutgers 38 (final, JUCO ball)
Tulsa 25 at UCF 44 (C-USA Championship)
Army 3 at Navy 38 (Boring, irrelevant game)
Va Tech 30 at Boston College 16 (Dr. Pepper Conference Championship)
Florida Atlantic 38 at Troy 32 (JUCO ball)
La Tech 10 at Nevada 49 (Okay, why?)
UCLA 7 at USC 24 (Torture for child abusers, and might detemine who goes to the Sissy Bowl in Pasadena to play the Buckeyes!)
Oregon State Beavers 38 at Oregon Ducks 31 (called the "Civil War" for some unknown reason, I call it the Battle of the Gayest Mascot Names! Well, except for "Buckeyes.")
Brigham Young 48 at San Diego State 27 (The Mormans v. The Female Elementary School Teachers)
North Texas 19 at Florida International 38 (The Battle to get Florida International just one (1) win this year.)
California 13 at Stanford 20 (The Battle of Teh Suck.)
Pittsburg 13 at West Virginia 7 (*YAWN FEST 2007*) HELL YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Oklahoma 38 at Missouri 17 (Big 12 Championship)
Arizona 17 at Arizona State 20 (Ewww.)
Washington 28 at Hawaii 35 (Hawaii has a football team? How cute. And Washington proved how bad the PAC-10 sucks by pulling the worse choke-job ever!)

Stay tuned Sunday for the Final BCS Rankings to see who comes in thirteenth in the Nation after the SEC!